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Bill Lolz xD


EHHH !!! IT WAS ALL IN GERMAN !!! ^_________^ *SUPER HAPPY!*
I was in concert in Strasbourg, the most difficult concert of all my life, Really !!! it was so cold outside, there was snow and -4°C in the night but I survived ! xDDD During the night, we saw the 4 tourbus which were on the parking behind the concert hall and met one of the guys from the TH staff, he came to talk to us and offered us chicken and all the candies from the bus, he said they had too many candies and chocolates and they gave us all the rest ! This guy was really nice, he talked with us, asked us where we are from, who is our favorite member, I said "all of them !" xD, it was fun ! We ate TH's chicken and candies ! xDDD

Candies of the Tourbus ! xD

Same set list than Brussels and Rotterdam but all in German, all concerts in France are in German (from Universal newsletter) and it was great !! I finally saw 1000 Meere in live, awsome performance !!!! and Geh ! WOW !!! I don't like this song on the CD but in the concert, this song is wonderful !!! They changed lots of thing on the stage, at the biginning, there is a big curtain with purple lights and then it falled down and the band appeared, really cool. Bill changed clothes, I love his red and black t-shirt so much ! and his jeans with the red zip is ... I want the same !!!! xDDD

I was in first row with my friends near the middle where TH play In die Nacht & Rette Mich, exactly the same place I've got in Lille but this time on Tom's side which is really more difficult to live than on Georg's side ! Really, girls on Tom's side are really crazy, they pushed, screamed "ah they are so handsome !!!" ("ahhhh ! ils sont trop bôôôô !!!!! " en français) –__________– espacially for In die nacht and Rette Michh, the girl beside me screamed "Tom" during all the song, so I'm sorry for that, you can hear me say "SHUT UP ! " to the girl in the video but it can't help ! –___–;;;; Then, a girl hitted one of my friend and as she was really trired cause of the night and cold, she went out the crowd and she missed the half of theconcert ! :( I prefer Georg's side, girls are nicer and you really enjoy the concert at 100% !

So here some videos ! :D

In die Nacht, Rette Mich and Ich bin da are my favorite video ! This time I got lot of Tom as we were on his side ! :)

Sorry for the girl beside me who screams during all the song ... protect your ears !
Gustav took a stuffed flower and put it on the front of his drums ! that's so cute ! xD

After the concert, we went to their hotel and made sign our ticket !

Georg's eyes are *___*

Georg signed on Tom's one, Gustav didn't sign, because he stayed in the bus.

I will upload 1000 Meere, Geh, Schwarz and Spring Nicht tomarrow, now I go to bed ! :)



I was so afraid they lose because of the rumours about the votes for 50 Cents/Timberlake !!! lol But our boys are the best !!! Bill made his speech in French ! it was just so adorable !!! <33

Bill : Cette award est pour nos fans français si merveilleux car sans eux, on ne serait pas là. Ce prix est très important pour nous car il a été gagné grâce à vos voix. Nous serons très de vous voir cet été au Parc des Princes. Merci beaucoup !
(This award is for our so wonderful French fans because without them, we would be not be here. This award is very important for us because it's thanks to your votes. We will be very happy to see you this summer in
Parc des Princes. Thank you very much ! )

Saki is LOL ! xDDD
wet, and german, Georg hot

TH Disques D'Or 2007 - 05.01.2008

TV show has been recorded on Dec 10, Bill has his orange jacket and his big cheeks! <3 They played 1000 Meere in playback not in live... as usual...
Bill's eyes make up was different than usually, really beautiful, I didn't noticed when he signed my DVD after the recording ! lol

Some close focus of Gustav for lirren !  I thought about you when I watched it ! XDDD
But Georg is inexistent !!! poor him, I just remember he used the black & white bass

There is a problem with the sound, it's super quiet ! lol I must put the sound to the maximum to hear something ! lol

EDIT : you can download the performance on http://www.1samkeit.net/ ! :D
Bill main

TH in Saga 27.12.2008

It was one of the interveiw they did in Paris in December where Bill has his ornage jacket, he was absolutly beautiful with it and his big cheeks, super cute! <3

I translated only what Bill said as the voice said things we already know or stupid things... That it's a phenomenon, we didn't see it since the Beatles, that French want to learn German now because of them, that Bill is the leader and it's because of him that the band works (-____-;;;) and it's him that the media look and are more interested, that Bill said he was gay, blah blah...

Bill : It's really great, it's really fabulous to have this millions of fans screaming your names. It was really the dream for each of us to be famous and to hear your name screamed everywhere we go

BIG LOL ! the voice said they have big star behavior, and a super protection staff, we are not allowed to look at them in the eyes ! XDDD *dies laughing* that Tokio Hotel is worse than to meet Madonna.

Then that Tokio Hotel will try to export in the rest of the world.
Bill : We know there are lots of countries wher we can go and finally we don't know where we would go. Of course, we hope that it will continue and we stay optimistic, but what we can say, it's that we will be still here for our fans and we will do music for the rest of our lives.
bill so embarassed &lt;3

TH IN PARIS 09-10-11.12.07

TH was in Paris for 3 days for 3 TV shows.
After the 34598523 rumours, and the “they come/they cancell”, “Bill is sick”, TH was in France for the TV show called Disque d’Or (Golden Disc) which will be broadcasted on 25th Dec on TF1. They also went to "La Méthode Cauet" and "Saga" but nobody know it !!! "La Méthode Cauet" will broadcasted on 10th Jan.

Bill has still his big cheeks, it was absolutly adorable! They signed 2 times but I missed the 1st time at 3:00PM because as we didn't know they went to an other TV show, I took my time to go to the hotel, I didn't want to wait 8 hours in the cold and rain ! I arrived just when they finished sign, I saw the cars, I run towards my friends, I just saw a little of them ! So I decided to wait when they will come back. They came back to eat before the 2nd TV show, they signed when they came back, I made signed my DVD (but I messed my video so I don't have the 1st sign) and I ran with my friends to the end of the queue and I made signed my ticket of last Paris concert!!! xDDDD 8 autographes in 1 time! lol

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Review TH in Paris 16-17-18 November 07

TH spent 3 days in Paris for the Star Academy TV show. I think you all see the videos and the duet of Bill and Jeremy and the 1000 Meere performance. I'm still shocked of the guy who sang with Bill! he could at least correctly learnt the lyrics, ne?! >:O Poor Bill to sing with the guy! Bill even didn't really look at him ! xDDD

So, here a little review of this week end! :) TH arrived on Friday night at 11:30PM, it was very cold espacially when you spent the whole day outside with 2°C!!! Because of the train strikes there are in Germany (same as in France right now!), they missed their flight in Hamburg and seems they came from Munich. We waited until 11:30PM, then the cars arrived and stopped 10 minutes in front of the hotel. Then Tobi came to us, we took our places because they sign autographes what was very kind of them because they usually don't sign when they just come from the airport, they directly enter in the hotel, but this time, they took time to come to us ! <3 I gave my postcards to sign. They have all sunglasses except Gustav who has his coat until his nose ! lol

Collapse )

TH come back in France on 10th Dec ! I'll be here ! ;)
Gusti &lt;3

2007.07.14 - TH in Paris

Hey ! long time I didn't update! lol
So I saw TH in Paris their hotel, lots of things happened!
We find the hotel on the day they arrived in Paris but we didn't go, it was too late, so I came back yesterday (14 July) in the morning, the day was really hot and sunny, we took place behind the fences with my friends and waited. At ~5:00PM, there was a war/army, anti-nuclear, gay, and other things manisfestation, we thought TH will go with the door behind the hotel, we were very anxious and waited until 6:00 ~ 6:30PM, then we saw Saki with his wonderfull hat !!!! xDDD I burst out laughing when I saw him ! I couldn't resist to take a pic of him! :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Then TH went out from the hotel, they began to sign at left (I was at right) then we saw Tom who started to sign in our side but the security man from the hotel put his arm on the fence and Tom didn't pass the security man and stopped to sign and they directly entered in the cars !!! ARRGHH!!! so desappointed ! We were behind the fences on the sidewalk and didn't disturb but lots of curious tourists and other fans went and they were more people on the road (which is normally forbidden) than on the sideswalk -_____-;

TH - Hotel 2007.07.14
envoyé par miyu_th

I didn't go to the concert in the Eiffel Tower, too hot and tired, so many people (500,000 people) just too lazy to go... I didn't see them after because they came back to the hotel but they went by the door behind ! -____- but it was not late and there was the July 14's (French National Day) fireworks, we thought they would go to see the fireworks, but at 0:30AM, I was too tired to wait and went back home, at 6:30AM, I came back and girls who waited all the night told me TH went in nightclub and they came back to the hotel at 5:00AM, and they were drunk, espacially Tom! xD Gustav didn't go, he stayed at the hotel, he's serious... :)  but he went to the airport at 6:00AM O_o So we waited again behind the fences because we are civilized but there were always girls who come and go on the road -____- then TH were ready to go at 1:30PM, their cars were just in front of us, they signed on the left side and on the girls on the road! WTF?!!! I wonder why we follow the rules and the security rules and have nothing when the girls who just come, didn't wait and don't care of the security rules have autographs, good pics and all...  v_v

But I'm still happy to have seen them :)
Georg &amp; Bill

Download TH World Music festival + Trabendo Session Concert

I give you links to download the recent performances in France.

Tokio Hotel in World Music festival - 21st June 07
Download : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=4RYPM0EH

Tokio Hotel in Trabendo Session Concert - 9th May 07
It's the whole concert + Interview - 1st accoustic concert
512 Mo - 50 minutes (35 minutes concert + 15 minutes Interview)
If you have a Premium account on Megaupload you can download here (512Mo): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZWFW8HRV

If you don't have a Premium account, I splitted the file in 3 files with HJSplit:

Part .001 (180Mo) : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IFOTK5ZP
Part .002 (180Mo): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MHXPLNO9
Part .003 (152,9Mo): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MC5948Z0
• Please use HJSplit to join the files.
• MPG format
Bill ehh?

M6 Live - Video of Saki sings Monsoon in Lip-sync

YAAAY ! I find a video where we see Saki sings Monsoon in Lip-sync!!! xDDD
I really regret to have not filmed this... next time, I will sure film this! XD

Here a very good video of Monsoon, short but better quality as the girl was in the VIP part.

Just in case if LJ doesn't embed the Saki's video: