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Georg & Bill

DVD Leb die Sekunde - Der Anfang - bewegt

I'm happy ! I find the translation of this part of the Leb die Sekunde DVD when TH are little ! cute ! <33. Try to follow with the youtube video, it's easy. It's the first part of the DVD, we see them in their studio and in a couch with a guy who interviews them.


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EDIT : I forget something !
Georg &amp; Bill

Tokio Hotel on a deserted Island

This interview is really funny ! I couldn't stop laughing when I read it, so I wanted share with you ! I don't really know where comes form this ITW, I read it's comes from Leb die Sekunde DVD, I must watch it again!
And for once, Gustav talks more than Bill ! Good for lirren
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What would you bring on a deserted island?
Georg :
The twins count for how many ?
Tom : I would rather bring a person instead of a material thing. A person is better than a TV !
Bill : I would bring my brother !
Tom : Me too of course (laugh)

And which tasks would you do on the island ?
Georg :
Gustav would keep the fire going and I would be the boss !
Tom (by cutting Georg short) : I would be the boss...

Why Gustav would keep the fire going?
Gustav :
Because me, I can do it !
Georg : And Gustav is a little perfectionist fairy's dwelling !
Tom : Gustav is a little Robinson Crusoe who is exceptionally talented for manual things.
Gustav : Yes, that's it, exceptional !
Tom : In the 4 of us, he's the only one who loves nature, we don't really like nature !
Gustav : Tom would be happy in a lighthouse.
Tom : With myself, when there is no lighthouse, I shine. I'm the replacement of the sun.
Bill : Me, I'm good to do nothing ! I don't have any talent in manual things.
Gustav : Bill can cut the flowers, he's still a bit one armed. (Bwhahaha ! xD)

And on the island if there is no Mac Donalds?
Bill :
Maybe I could cook !
Gustav : You for cooking ? Oh my god !
Georg : Well, Gustav and me, we could build a raft with sails.
Gustav : Or we could hunt !
Georg : Gustav would be the hunter and the 3 of us builders. We would do a plan and Gustav would bring the food...
Georg &amp; Bill

Bravo Feb 2007 - Tom, Sex with a fan !

"Sex with a fan"
They have so much in common but are so different too ! Last week, the singer Bill Kaulitz surprised us with his amorous confessions in Bravo: "I didn't have love story since 2 years and sometimes I feel alone". Now, it's his twin Tom Kaulitz who surprises eveybody with his private confessions. The guitarist confesses to us that he doesn't live it so timidly. It's happened that there is a girl for 1night ! And he was already with a fan too ! For Bravo, Tom finally confess to us his secrets on his torrid night with a fan !

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It's one the funniest Interview I read until now, I hope you will enjoy read it too ^^
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