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Bill puppy eyes

ah naaaahhh !!!

ah naaaahhh !!! TH played in English for the 1st concert of the new Tour ! T----T
Sorry, no matter what you will say to defend English version, I don't like it at all !!!! For me, it's exactly the same to watch a Japanese anime in English or French, I can't stand it ! LOL

I listened Scream only 1 time, but I haven't been caught by the songs at all, I even don't know the lyrics of the English version !!! XDDD

I just hope they will played more songs in German for France as they did in October, the concert in Brussels was in English but it was in German for France, I cross fingers, maybe not all the songs but the main songs like Leb die Sekunde, 1000 Meere, Der letzte Tag, Spring Nicht, Schrei, Rette mich will be in German...

But I'm happy to see the boys again ! :D

1000 Hotels Tour will start soon ! YAY !!!!

YEAH! Miyu is back for this new Tour ! :D There was nothing in France in February & my new job takes me lots of time but I will need to do a break next week because the Tour will start ! I'm so excited !!! Some of my friends are already gone for the concert in Brussels of tomarrow !!! lucky them to be able to do this concert ! :) Then I'll join them in Strasbourg (France) on Wednesday, my gig ticket and train tickets are ready, I need to do my package as I booked 2 nights in an hotel there ! No way I sleep outisde if it's raining or -5°C during the night ! I don't want to die before the concert ! xDD Then I come back in Paris for the 2 concerts in Bercy ! It will be crazy !

Note to myself : Don't forget the batteries of my camera !!!!
Tom on toilet


My mom is well and she came back at home from hospital ! YAY!
Then I found a new job, so I can have money ! YAY!
And I just received my tickets 5 minutes ago I'm in 1st row of the TH concert in PARC DES PRINCES on J section (the nearest of the stage) on Tom's side !!!! YAY!

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bill so embarassed <3

Tokio Hotel - The Official Mobile Game

The Official TH Mobile Game is out ! xDDD
Here some preview of the game, it's just LOL !

You can go here to here to downlaod, it's not free, you must pay.

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Es-tu enfin prêt pour Tokio Hotel ? Fais maintenant parti de l'équipe de Tokio Hotel qui accompagne le groupe dans une tournée en Europe. Accompagne Bill, Tom, Georg et Gustav dans une tournée de fou qui traverse 5 villes européennes. Surtout reste cool quand l'avion prendra feu (MDR !) et devient ainsi le meilleur membre de l'équipe !

Are you ready for Tokio Hotel? Be a part of the Tokio Hotel's team who accompanying the band on a tour in Europe. Go with Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav in a crazy tour that crosses 5 European cities. Stay cool when the aircraft will take fire (xDDD) and become the best member f the team !
Bill Lolz xD

Which guy of Tokio Hotel will choose you???

Taken from haylzee     
LOL ! I thought I would have Georg or Gustav, but got Bill ! xD

Which guy of Tokio Hotel will choose you???

Your guy is... Bill! Search for trendy pair of shoes, cause who goes out with
Bill can expect himself of hours of shopping past the coolest boulevards of the world.
Search for a crazy outfit and if you're hugging and kissing each other, keep it with
English and German cause he hates French! You bitch! You stole my Bill!!!
Luckely for me he's already mine!! lol!
Take this quiz!

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Concert in Paris tomarrow !

UWAAAAAAAA !!! EXCITED !!!!! can't wait for tomarrow ne ! *bounce*
TH arrived today at 3:20 PM with the Tourbus, but there were only Tom, Gustav and Georg, seems Bill arrived yesterday night ! lol don't know why he was alone !

Oh, and Bill is making shopping on the Champs Elysées right now ! lol or maybe he's back to the hotel now for dinner I think !
Bill puppy eyes

[SELL] 1 ticket for TH concert in Paris 16 OCT

D:  One of my friends can't go to TH concert anymore in Paris on Oct 16, because she has serious family problems and she must move, I helped her today for the 1st moving, my back hurts T-T

So, she wants to sell her ticket, she wants to sell it at 30€, don't know if there is someone interested on LJ, but if there is, please reply here or e-mail me at miyu.th@gmail.com

Thanks :D

Sorry ! a friend just called me and she wants it
bill so embarassed <3

TH will sing 1 song in French for the French 483 Tour

Big LOL !!!! xD
OK, seems it's official, it has been announced by Bill himself in Dream Up magazine! TH must sing 1 song in French for the French 483 Tour. And it would be Durch den Monsun which becomes A TRAVERS L'ILLUSION or Rette Mich which is Sauve moi in French !!! God, can't wait to hear the super Bill's French accent !!! xDDD I absolutly must record this song. I just hope the girls will not scream too loud and we could hear Bill clearly...

I just think the French DDM lyrics don't looks like the original song, I don't know, it's so weird ! xDD

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