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Bill's belly ! :9

PICS + Videos TH Concert Toulon 29.10.07

I just come back from Toulon, TH concerts are tiring ! lol This time I wwas in the middle so I managed to have good videos of In die Nacht and Rette mich! :D It was the last concert of the French Tour, poor Bill, he's still sick, his voice was weird and he coughed on UEDW! *pets him*

I got 5 very good pics of this concert
Little preview :
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+ 3 videos In die Nacht and Rette Mich !
On In die Nacht, the twins were so cute, Bill kicked Tom once again ! xDDD By kicking Tom, Bill slides from his chair! lol

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Georg & Bill

Screencaps : TH Lille 25.10.2007

Hey guys !!! I just come back from TH concert in Lille ! It's was super great ! I was in the 1st row just in front the stage at right of the TH logo square where they sing In die Nacht and Rette Mich ! It was so great and incredible to see them so close on stage ! I filmed the whole concert and I have them very close on video, I will share them but I must cut them in little parts because it's 1,5 Go file ! xDDD

I will not make a review as it's always the same concert (you can read a detailled report of Paris concert on THI Blog ) So I will just post some screencaps of my videos, to let me time to upload. Screencaps are blur but videos are clearer ! :D

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It's so cute !!!! On Rette Mich, a girl gave a fluffy piggy to Bill, and he put it on Georg's mouth and Georg made a kiss to the piggy !!!! <333333
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I love Georg ! <3  xD
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For lirren ! :D

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Gusti &lt;3

2007.07.14 - TH in Paris

Hey ! long time I didn't update! lol
So I saw TH in Paris their hotel, lots of things happened!
We find the hotel on the day they arrived in Paris but we didn't go, it was too late, so I came back yesterday (14 July) in the morning, the day was really hot and sunny, we took place behind the fences with my friends and waited. At ~5:00PM, there was a war/army, anti-nuclear, gay, and other things manisfestation, we thought TH will go with the door behind the hotel, we were very anxious and waited until 6:00 ~ 6:30PM, then we saw Saki with his wonderfull hat !!!! xDDD I burst out laughing when I saw him ! I couldn't resist to take a pic of him! :D

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Then TH went out from the hotel, they began to sign at left (I was at right) then we saw Tom who started to sign in our side but the security man from the hotel put his arm on the fence and Tom didn't pass the security man and stopped to sign and they directly entered in the cars !!! ARRGHH!!! so desappointed ! We were behind the fences on the sidewalk and didn't disturb but lots of curious tourists and other fans went and they were more people on the road (which is normally forbidden) than on the sideswalk -_____-;

TH - Hotel 2007.07.14
envoyé par miyu_th

I didn't go to the concert in the Eiffel Tower, too hot and tired, so many people (500,000 people) just too lazy to go... I didn't see them after because they came back to the hotel but they went by the door behind ! -____- but it was not late and there was the July 14's (French National Day) fireworks, we thought they would go to see the fireworks, but at 0:30AM, I was too tired to wait and went back home, at 6:30AM, I came back and girls who waited all the night told me TH went in nightclub and they came back to the hotel at 5:00AM, and they were drunk, espacially Tom! xD Gustav didn't go, he stayed at the hotel, he's serious... :)  but he went to the airport at 6:00AM O_o So we waited again behind the fences because we are civilized but there were always girls who come and go on the road -____- then TH were ready to go at 1:30PM, their cars were just in front of us, they signed on the left side and on the girls on the road! WTF?!!! I wonder why we follow the rules and the security rules and have nothing when the girls who just come, didn't wait and don't care of the security rules have autographs, good pics and all...  v_v

But I'm still happy to have seen them :)
wet, and german, Georg hot

Last Postalcard by Georg + Gustav's Eiffel Tower pics

The last postalcard is written by Georg from Paris on 21st June

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Hey people,

Tomarrow, there will be not interviews, concerts, showcase and photoshoot, but finally some day off!!! We will sleep a lot and then we come back at home! We hope you liked our postalcards, anyway we received very nice fanmails from you! Thank you for this and we will see you at the airport tomarrow... 8-D

Georg, Gustav, Tom, Bill

And here Gustav's Eiffel Tower pics on 31st May when he's secretly gone from the hotel in the night! I like the 2nd one! :3
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3 crazy days with TH! Gustav is love ! <3

Hey Girlz! I just spent 3 crazy days, really exciting, crazy and tiresome! xD
I just don't know with what I should begin. So, TH was in France for the World Music Festival on 21st June, the 1st day of summer. I told to myself, I will try to find their hotel, I went to one of their hotel by thinking there was a chance they could be here, so I went and saw some fans with posters and all, I was "YES! First try was the good one ! Lucky !". I waited, I met some girls and made really good friend with one of them, she told me something really funny, she has a friend who works in the Planet Hollywood on the Champs Elysées. TH went to the Planet Hollywood last time and it's her who served TH to their table. She went to take their order, she asked Bill what he wanted, Bill said: "I want squid", the waitress replied him: "I'm sorry, we don't have squid", Bill beat the table with the menu and said "I WANT SQUID! I WANT SQUID!!!!" (xD so childish!) The waitress replied him she was really sorry but there is no squid!!!! Bill pouted ! xDDD I don't know what he asked to replace the squid. Then it's Tom who asked to the waitress to give him 2 packets of cigarettes, she replied him it's not free, then Tom said: "In the hotel, they always give us free cigarettes". The waitress said: "I'm sorry but here it's not free!". Tom gave her a 20Euros' bill and said her: "I want my money back!". The waitress went to buy 2 packets of cigarettes for him. Georg and Gustav were really nice with the waitress, espacially Gustav who said only nice things like: "Thank you miss", "It's nice to you", etc ... <333
Seems the twins are not as nice than we can believe... ^^;;;;;
I continue the hotel story, TH should arrive at 8:00pm, but girls to the airport told us the plane is late and they are really tired, so, they finally arrived at 9:00pm, they just jumped from the cars and directly entered in the hotel by making signs with the hands. Some girls said Gustav is gone alone at 11:30pm with the car and driver from the hotel, I think it's to take picture ! xD

I came back the next day on the morning as I didn't know when they must go to do the private showcase with NRJ, but finally we knew they will go at 4:00pm, so I waited with my friends, we were just in front of the hotel door. Everybody were in a line and we waited. At 3:00pm, TH finally went to sign autographs, they began by the right of the street, girls were cool, didn't move, but some stupid girls wanted to see them again and they pushed us in the middle, so when Bill & Co were in front of us, they pushed us, I missed Bill, Tom and Georg because of them ! why these bitches didn't stay to their spot ?!!! >:O I saw TH very close but I didn't have autograph. Then, the line was broken because of these bitches who ran after BilI and Tom, I saw Gustav with his bodyguard and only 2 girls just in front of me, I told to myself, there is nobody, it's stupid to not asking to Gustav to sign my photoboocklet (Zimmer 483), so I went near him and asked him to sign and he signed it <3 I thanked him and joined my friend! GUSTAV SO CUUUTE ! <333

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After, TH are gone to the NRJ showcase and after for the World Music Festival. We went to the festival and saw them played Übers Ende der Welt, then we returned to their hotel and stayed outside during all the night. The next day, we were in a line again in the first row, I would hit all girls who would push this time! >:( But it started to rain, then we saw Saki who prepared the cars and luggages, but he rained so heavily, they didn't sign, they directly went to the cars. It was really funny, I enjoyed it a lot!

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I just don't have a good pic of Georg :(
Bill Lolz xD

Gustav's postal card from Paris

Gustav wrote a postal card from Paris ! <333

Mon Chéri, (My dear)

Today, we were to the M6 show in Paris.
Here all is always organized a little more roughly than at home (means in Germany), but at the end, all works well... somehow! After that, it was as always to the hotel but late in the night I discreetly went to the Eiffel tower to take some pictures. If you want I will send you them - ah, yes, I hope that you liked the seagull :-) !

À bientôt (See you soon)

Gustav, Tom, Bill, Georg

I so love that Gustav write "Mon Chéri" In French even there is mistake in it ! xD
"Mon Chéri" is for a guy, "Ma chérie" is for a girl, but the better would be "Mes chéries" > female plurial ! hahaha
Twins - Sur le pont d&#39;Avignon

M6 LIVE June 16, Open Air with TH VIDEOS!!!!

I'm so tired !!! lol I went to this open air with TH, there were so many people, more than 20.000 !!!! I was crushed between all the people, really hard to breathe ! lol It rained 2 times, not funny at all! ^^;;; oh! and I hit a thirteen years old girl because she pushed me and said it was me who pushed whereas I didn't move from my place and insulted me, I coudn't resist to hit her, long time I didn't hit someone ! xDDD Hey, I'm 23, I'm not a kid, I have 10 years more than her, she can respect me, ne?

As I said, they played Monsoon and UEDW ! :D hum... not in live but I don't mind about it!
One of the most funny things, during the afternoon, for the rehearsals, we thought, TH will come on stage, but no ! Guess what ?! Saki came on stage, he took the mic, then they put the music on Monsoon and Saki pretended to sing by making cute poses !!! xDDDDD
I have 2 pis of that but now I think about that, I really should filmed this ! Hope next time, he will do again ! xDDD

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Saki sings Monsoon ! (Big pics !)

Then I have some pics and videos of TH , not the entire videos, but a good part ! :D

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
I was far of the stage, so I zoomed a lot, so pics are a bit blur ! ^^;;;;

and here Videos !!!! Sorry for the crapy sound ! -___-

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Next event in France is La Fête de la Musique on next Thursday !!! :D
Georg &amp; Bill


SCHREIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!! My God I'm still so excited even if the concert is finished ! lol I arrived to the concert hall at 10:30 AM, there were already 500 people in front of me ! -_-;;; so I waited more than 7 hours oustide before enter in the concert hall, I said to myself I will not have good place in front of the stage, I thought to take the first sit, but I was really lucky, I was in front of the stage at 4 meters from Tom and Bill. Tom was in front of me, it's him I saw the most ! lol I hope TH have taken a good time with French fans, the atmosphere was really great !
They did all the setlist + Ich bin nicht ich which is not in it! I was so happy as it's one of my fave songs in Schrei album ! \(*^_^*)/
I have pics ! but they are all blur cause of the zoom I think, I'm really sorry to have not real good pics but it was really difficult to take pics as everybody pushed you and all. I have more Tom's pics as he was in front of me! lol I didn't see Gustav a lot as the drums are behind and a bit far, just when they played Rette mich and Ich bin da, I really saw Gustav, I have pics for Lirren :D
And French fans screamed Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! x150 times just for him, he really appreciated it, he threw lots of bottles and water and his sticks ^^
They are all really handsome like magazine pics, I saw Bill's star during Wo sind eure Hände !!!!!!! xDDDD
Just only one bad thing, we didn't hear Bill's voice very well maybe cause all fans screams, but I don't mind, I have the album to listen, the most important I saw them really close, I'm happy :D

Oh and an other one bad thing, Georg and Gustav didn't take off their T-shirts!!!!!!! lol xD

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One of the best concert in my life !

LOVE TH ! <3

ETA : I got a problem with html in my first post about that, I deleted it to repost, so if you have posted a comment, please repost it ! thanks ^^;;;