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Alors qu’ils viennent de se lancer dans une nouvelle tournée européenne d’un mois, le groupe a annoncé hier lors de son passage triomphal à Bercy qu’il déplaçait d’une journée son concert exceptionnel au Parc des Princes.

Initialement fixé au vendredi 20 juin, l’événement est désormais reporté au lendemain, le samedi 21 juin, 19h. Cette décision a été prise suite à la demande de nombreux fans qui ne pouvaient se rendre au Parc des Princes le 20 juin, car devant passer ce jour là leur Brevet des Collèges ou Bac de Français.

« Ce concert au Parc des Princes sera tout simplement le plus gros concert que l’on ait jamais donné à ce jour. Ce sera également notre dernier concert en France pour l’année 2008. Nous voulons vraiment que ce soit un moment unique, pour nous, comme pour nos fans et ne pouvons tolérer que certains ne puissent pas venir à cause de leurs exams. De ce fait, nous avons décidé de décaler d’une journée le concert : nous jouerons donc le samedi 21 juin, donc pendant un week end et célèbrerons ensemble la fin des exams tout comme la Fête de la Musique »

Les billets achetés pour le vendredi 20 juin restent valables pour le concert du samedi, pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore de places, les billets du samedi 21 Juin seront en ventes à partir du mercredi 19 mars à partir de 10h00 dans les points de ventes habituels et sur le site www.tokiohotelauparc.com.

Toutes les infos sur l’événement sont sur www.tokiohotelauparc.com.


The band announced yesterday, during their triumphant concert in Bercy that they will report their exceptionnal concert in Parc des Princes.

Fixed for the Friday 20 June, the event is now reported to the day after, on Saturday 21 June, at 19h. This decision has been taken following the asking of lots of fans who couldn't going in Parc des Princes on June 20 because of the exams Brevet des Collèges ou Bac de Français.

« This concert in Parc des Princes will be simply the biggest concert we never did until now. It will be also our last concert in France for 2008. We really want that this moment to be unique, for us, as for our fans et we can't tolerate that some fans could not come because of their exams. So, we decided to report for 1 day the concert : we will play on Saturday 21st June, so, during a week end and we will celebrate together the end of the exams and La Fête de la Musique »

Tickets purchased for Friday, June 20 are still valid for the concert on Saturday, for those who have not yet, tickets from Saturday, June 21 will be in sales from Wednesday, March 19 from 10:00 in the points sales, and at the site www.tokiohotelauparc.com.

 More infos on this event on www.tokiohotelauparc.com

I'm relieved ! :)
Bill omg

TH Concert in Marseille and Montpellier are cancelled !

OHHHH !!!! Bill is sick and they cancelled 2 concerts in the French 483 Tour!
His throat hurts and he can't sing anymore until next Sunday !

It's an official info !

Cancelled concerts:
19-10-07: France, Concert,Marseille, Le Dôme
20-10-07: France, Concert, Montpellier, Zénith

It's true, I noticed he has a weird voice during the concert in Paris as someone who has a flu! poor him! D:
It's a pity for the fans who waited in front of the concert hall, I hope Bill will take rest and get well soon !
Bill black&white

Official Fan Mosaic is done ! :)

Hey, the fan mosaic is up on the official TH fansite !! For those who sent a pic could be on the poster !! I wonder if I am on it ! xDDD
But, you can't  download the fan mosaic, you can ask for zoom and try to find yourself which is really difficult :/
You can buy it on the site


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Are you in it ? :D

ETA: I just realized, exactly 2 weeks before TH concert in Paris ! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!
Georg & Bill

Tokio Hotel send their persönliches Dankeschön

On the official website, Tom has written a message for the fans, to thank all people for the Echo !

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The [...] is when I can't read what Tom wrote.
EDIT : I got the whole translation

Hey  people,
What a day, what a night - we cannot believe it yet that there really happened. We didn't expect at all to receive this Echo, our surprise was really big - it's really cool!  We can hardly describe what that means for us. Not only, because it is acknowledgment for what we do, but also because you made it possible - this award comes from you, the best fans of the world.
We know that we don't have many possibilities to give you back everything you did for us - wherever and whenever we go, you are already there and wait for us. For that and for all your fan's mails we receive each day, for your support, and because you stay with us, we want to say THANKS to you and dedicate this Echo for you. In some days, it will begin, we will go on the road again. We are greatly looking forward to seeing you. We are strained to know how our surprises will please you - that becomes our time!
A big THANK YOU!!!
Your Tom, Bill, Georg, Gustav.