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Cherish Tokio Hotel

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Miyu here ! I'm 23 and I live in France.
Wilkommen on my LJ.

I'm a huge fan of Tokio Hotel, so, this LJ is about TH translations of magazines or videos. My English is not perfect and can be weird sometimes ! Don't blame me ! I try to do my best ! lol

I hope you will enjoy read my translations as much as I enjoy to translate them ! What our TH boys have to say is interesting and the most often really funny ! It's a good way to learn to know and love them ! ^^

If you want repost my translations somewhere, please ask me first, I will say yes, it's just that it takes me lot of time and effort to translate, don't steal them and claim as yours. It's just courtesy to ask me first and credit miyu_th . Thanks :D

Only one thing, if you don't like Tokio Hotel, no need to read or post mean comments.

Tokio Hotel ID-Card von Miyu

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