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Twins - Sur le pont d'Avignon

M6 LIVE June 16, Open Air with TH VIDEOS!!!!

I'm so tired !!! lol I went to this open air with TH, there were so many people, more than 20.000 !!!! I was crushed between all the people, really hard to breathe ! lol It rained 2 times, not funny at all! ^^;;; oh! and I hit a thirteen years old girl because she pushed me and said it was me who pushed whereas I didn't move from my place and insulted me, I coudn't resist to hit her, long time I didn't hit someone ! xDDD Hey, I'm 23, I'm not a kid, I have 10 years more than her, she can respect me, ne?

As I said, they played Monsoon and UEDW ! :D hum... not in live but I don't mind about it!
One of the most funny things, during the afternoon, for the rehearsals, we thought, TH will come on stage, but no ! Guess what ?! Saki came on stage, he took the mic, then they put the music on Monsoon and Saki pretended to sing by making cute poses !!! xDDDDD
I have 2 pis of that but now I think about that, I really should filmed this ! Hope next time, he will do again ! xDDD

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Saki sings Monsoon ! (Big pics !)

Then I have some pics and videos of TH , not the entire videos, but a good part ! :D

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I was far of the stage, so I zoomed a lot, so pics are a bit blur ! ^^;;;;

and here Videos !!!! Sorry for the crapy sound ! -___-

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Next event in France is La Fête de la Musique on next Thursday !!! :D
Bill puppy eyes

Video : Hit Machine 09.05.07 - UEDW

TH was on French TV show, 2 hours ago, they played Übers Ende der Welt (not in live, but still better than nothing :D) Bill speaks French, really cute, he pronounces better each time he said "Malheureusement, je ne parle pas très bien français" ! <333 haha

Download the video here:

For translation, hum, I don't think the announcers translate really well, because Bill speaks a lot and I'm sure they don't translate all what he said.

General idea is :

How do they live their success, they are known in all Europe...
Bill said they have lot of pleisure to live that and try to enjoy each time they meet fans...

Lots of French fans want to learn German now, what do they think?
Bill said they are proud to know that...

Lulu said that Bill speaks a little French
Bill : "Malheureusement, je ne parle pas très bien français" !

TH released an album in English and want to attack the international market.
Bill said their dream will become reality and they continue to pass the frontiers.
Bill ehh?

17.04.07 TH - France 3 ITW

I translate this ITW of France 3 TV.
You can download the file, thanks to dear  ladyminya  for the ripping the ITW and for the links <333

Tokio Hotel - Exclusif Interview [Paris 17-04-2007].part1.rar
Tokio Hotel - Exclusif Interview [Paris 17-04-2007].part2.rar

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The question is cut but I guess they ask about what they think about French fans.

Tom : We always feel great, we have a great welcome in the hotel, or in airport, this morning we went to NRJ (Radio Station) it was the same, the welcome was really great.
Bill : It's always unexpected for me to go in France or think about France, it's a bit like vacation, free time, etc... When we pass near the Eiffel Tower, we think about relax, have fun and it's really very stange for us when this morning at NRJ, there were ~600 fans who waited us, it's really a strange feeling in an other country, in an other language, all these people who wait us.

You sing in German, everywhere you go, it's always the same euphoria, the same craze, can you explain to us?

Bill :
For us, it's completly unexpected because we sing in German and we didn't know how people will react abroad. Espacially for us, for our music, for the message who want give in our texts, it's important to understand what we said in our texts. And at the biginning, we couldn't imagine to become famous, we didn't know how people will react, we were very opened to this and we saw that people have interest to us, to our music and translate our lyrics and love what we do. For us, it's great and it's really interesting because we didn't have a concept or a strategy that we follow to become famous, we are always very surprised when people invest in this way.
Tom : I
t's very special for us because we are very bad in foreign languages.

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For the Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel, video still ripped by dear  ladyminya  you can find it here:
Tokio Hotel - Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel.avi

Do you like Paris?
Bill : Ja
Bill : It's a beautiful city which is fascinating, a mix entre green spaces and modern buildings, etc and it's which is fascinating the capital city of France...

She asks something about their parents but didn't translate what she asks! lol
Bill : Our parents are very proud of us, they really support us anytime, in all we do and it's really an incalculable value
Bill omg

17.04.07 TH - Live in France ITW + Awards + UEDW

A video about the French fans in Paris concert, I finally know now why the first people screamed on the queue, the first fans were filmed by German TV. I even didn't noticed they filmed us running to enter in the concert hall ! xD I ran too, maybe they filmed me by running ! lol
I didn't know they recieved a platinum disc, it's great for them !
In the video, Bill said they were very touched and happy that it was a good concert, that they can't get over it and that they like our little accent and that it boosts them more to come back in France ! :D

France loves TH ! Come back soon ! :D
I read in a French newspapers that they will come back on October 16th for the 2nd part of Zimmer 483 Tour ! My birthday is Oct. 15th, it's not official yet, but it would be a great present ! :3

They will come back in Paris on 21st June, 1st day of summer for the Music Festival ! \(^0^)/ and they will participate to the main event which will be broadcasted on TV, in a free concert in the open air !! Miyu is ready to go with her camera !!! (^_^)y
Bill star

Tokio Hotel - 17.04.07 France 3 ITW video + Stuff

Tokio hotel was on French TV Tuesday night on France 3 TV, I missed the ITW as I was in the concert, but I watched it on the site of France3, you can watch it too by clicking the link under the pic. I can't translate as their video player really bothers when you stop to write what TH said and re-plays the video, the sound and image don't follow or must wait 5 minutes to the video restarts again -_-;
I wait if someone puts on youtube or daily motion.
But the interview lasts 20 minutes, it's long, nothing new, the questions are usual, "why do you call Tokio Hotel?", "how do you manage your fans?", "what music do you listen?", "what subject do you talk in your songs?" and other stuff like that we already know :D
Gustav and Georg talk a little. Nothing new but I'm still happy to watch them ! xD

In the Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel (Some minutes of intimity with TH) video, we see them drink and Bill likes Paris ! lol Then sign autographs on a poster and Zimmer 483 pamphlet :D

You can see a part of Reden of the concert in Paris.

My mom saw the ITW on TV and when I came back from the concert she said me TH were on TV and said : "WOW ! The singer with his lion hairstyle is really handsome !!!" xDDD YAY MOM! v(^0^)v

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 Interview des Tokio Hotel ( le 17/04/2007)
 Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel ( le 17/04/2007)
 Extrait du concert au Zénith de Paris ( le 16/04/2007)
 Le phénomène Tokio Hotel (JT 12/13 le 11/04/2007)

Go on this page and clic on the links who looks like the links above to see the videos
> http://paris-ile-de-france-centre.france3.fr/info/30079346-fr.php

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[ECHO 2007] 20070325 Tokio Hotel - ITW

Ok, so I think everybody have seen the ECHO, I find a French translation about the interview. It's an approximate translation, there is not all said the off voice but if you still wonder about all the army stuff around TH and the Tom's girlfriend, they give us some details...


This last time, we heard a lot about TH military service and they didn't have time to react, we have interviewed them to ask them.
Bill : We were in Paris and we didn't heard about these rumours. We received our summons when we were in Paris.

In this moment, Germany wonders if you would be allowed to keep your long hair, piercing and your make up during your service.
Bill : We were surprised that everybody talk about our hairs, my make up and our piercing. But which is the most important is the future of the band, the other things are useless.
Tom : Ja...

They have all the ideal age to be enlisted in the army. What about Gustav and Georg ?
Gustav : Who must or who will have the same problem, I don't know yet, it's the question.
Georg : I was reformed (to get out/to get exempted of army) 5 times.

There is a rumour which said that Tom has a girlfriend, a girl from Berlin tells on all blogs that you have a realtionship.
Tom : We were really shocked when we heard about that, I don't understand why she says that, because it's wrong. Anyway, I hope she doesn't think what she says.

... (don't know what it said)
Bill : What newspapers have to say is often wrong, but for the summons, it's true and we didn't take decisions yet.