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I'm back ! :D Blah blah + Scans No Tags

Ok, so I still don't have a job but I still search, I hope I will find one soon... but now it's a bit like vacation, it's summer and all... lol But I'm back ! Yay ! After posting my entry, I will comment in the comm ! :D YAY!

I think you all girls saw the TH performance in La chanson de l'année (The song of the year) a French TV show, I was in the recording of this TV show, it was my first time with my best friend on a TV show. I didn't know before how it's really acting by the audience and how it can be so false ! I was really surprised of this. There is a guide (I don't have a better word in English for the word in French) who tells you what you must do at which time, you must follow what he says and imitate what he does. On some songs and singers, they can give you accessories, for example I saw Roch Voisine, they gave us white tissue we must moved only in the chorus, but the audience didn't really understand and moved the tissue during all the song (it looks like Titanic ! xDDD), so we did it again and again until the performance was perfect. If the singer or the audience make a mistake or have a problem or else, you must do the performance again, you always have 2 or 4 performances for each singer/band. And during the performance, you can do what you want, the guide said you must dance, raise the hands, clap hands, scream, sing, jump, you must show you enjoy the song, for each song not only for TH but for every singers/bands, it's just that people scream a bit more for TH than the others! xDDD.

I talk about my thoughts about TH on this performance and parts we don't see as they cut it. First, Saki as always who inspected all before TH went on stage. He prepared the drums for Gustav, then Gustav entered on stage, just him to adjust himself the drums, all the fans applaused him and called him "Gustav, Gustav, Gustav... x50 time". But Gustav is really professionnal and serious, you can feel it ! xDDD Then, he joined the band in backstage, Saki noticed the micro is too low for Bill and raised it :3 Then he joined the backstage, we saw nervous TH in backstage on the big screen, then they came on stage, put in place and started the song ! I saw them really really close, more closer than in the concert in Paris, Georg was just in front of me at 1 meter, I think I couldn't be closer than I was this day, I even noticed Bill has a cute mole on the left of his hips ! xDDD Georg was really cool with the fans and approached them and Tom joined him, it was great ! x3 When the song finished, they must joined the announcer on the top of the stage but they forget and directly returned in backstage, so they must do the performance again ! xDDD so we got TH two times ! lol The rest you saw it in the video. But I really enjoyed this recording, it was fun, I made some new friends (you always make new friends when there is TH around ! lol).

As you know now, the second round of the 483 Tour will go in several French towns :
16.10 Paris – Bercy
17.10 Nantes - Zenith
19.10 Marseille – Dome
20.10 Montpellier - Zenith
22.10 Toulouse – Zenith
23.10 Bordeaux – La Patinoire
25.10 Lille – Zénith

I have my tickets for Paris and Lille, the first and the last concerts of the French Tour ! lol The tickets have been sold in some hours, it's incredible ! O.O All the websites for tickets or shops are sold out ! I'm happy the first concert is on Oct. 16 as my bday is on Oct. 15 ! xD

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Bravo (DE) Rumanian Pop Corn

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Star n°1 May 2007
Bill omg

17.04.07 TH - Live in France ITW + Awards + UEDW

A video about the French fans in Paris concert, I finally know now why the first people screamed on the queue, the first fans were filmed by German TV. I even didn't noticed they filmed us running to enter in the concert hall ! xD I ran too, maybe they filmed me by running ! lol
I didn't know they recieved a platinum disc, it's great for them !
In the video, Bill said they were very touched and happy that it was a good concert, that they can't get over it and that they like our little accent and that it boosts them more to come back in France ! :D

France loves TH ! Come back soon ! :D
I read in a French newspapers that they will come back on October 16th for the 2nd part of Zimmer 483 Tour ! My birthday is Oct. 15th, it's not official yet, but it would be a great present ! :3

They will come back in Paris on 21st June, 1st day of summer for the Music Festival ! \(^0^)/ and they will participate to the main event which will be broadcasted on TV, in a free concert in the open air !! Miyu is ready to go with her camera !!! (^_^)y

31 videos from TH concert in Paris 17.04.07

Georg & Bill


SCHREIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!! My God I'm still so excited even if the concert is finished ! lol I arrived to the concert hall at 10:30 AM, there were already 500 people in front of me ! -_-;;; so I waited more than 7 hours oustide before enter in the concert hall, I said to myself I will not have good place in front of the stage, I thought to take the first sit, but I was really lucky, I was in front of the stage at 4 meters from Tom and Bill. Tom was in front of me, it's him I saw the most ! lol I hope TH have taken a good time with French fans, the atmosphere was really great !
They did all the setlist + Ich bin nicht ich which is not in it! I was so happy as it's one of my fave songs in Schrei album ! \(*^_^*)/
I have pics ! but they are all blur cause of the zoom I think, I'm really sorry to have not real good pics but it was really difficult to take pics as everybody pushed you and all. I have more Tom's pics as he was in front of me! lol I didn't see Gustav a lot as the drums are behind and a bit far, just when they played Rette mich and Ich bin da, I really saw Gustav, I have pics for Lirren :D
And French fans screamed Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! x150 times just for him, he really appreciated it, he threw lots of bottles and water and his sticks ^^
They are all really handsome like magazine pics, I saw Bill's star during Wo sind eure Hände !!!!!!! xDDDD
Just only one bad thing, we didn't hear Bill's voice very well maybe cause all fans screams, but I don't mind, I have the album to listen, the most important I saw them really close, I'm happy :D

Oh and an other one bad thing, Georg and Gustav didn't take off their T-shirts!!!!!!! lol xD

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One of the best concert in my life !

LOVE TH ! <3

ETA : I got a problem with html in my first post about that, I deleted it to repost, so if you have posted a comment, please repost it ! thanks ^^;;;
Georg &amp; Bill

D-1 before TH concert in Paris

Ok, I begin to be really exciting for tomarrow ! I waited so long time but I will finally see TH tomarrow for the concert in Paris. TH should come in Paris today but finally they will come tomarrow directly to the concert hall. There is a rumor that there are already around 50 fans who are in front of the Zénith (German, Italian and Spanish fans) who wait for tomarrow ! O_o If it's true I think it's stupid ! lol Luckily the weather is really sunny and hot for April. Ok, so if it's true, tomarrow I must come early to not have a place far behind, I want a good place !!!! o(>_<)o

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On the pic above, it's an aerial pic of the Zénith, the entrance is towards the garden at left, and the trucks and TH bus will park behind the building. The pic at right is inside the concert hall, they will remove the sits in the middle for concerts, I hope I could go in the middle, dunno as it's full, all tickets have been sold in less than a month.

I'm anxious, excited, stressed, bouncy, all these feelings mixed in same time, I can't imagine how I will be tomarrow. I musn't forget my camera, I hope I could take good pics, I will share with you and hope the Zénith staff will not take my camera at the entrance because they frisk you before enter, it was like that 5 years ago. Maybe as there will be only girls and lots of very young fans like 12~13 years old who come with their mamas, staff would let us with camera without being strict.

It will be my first time seeing TH for real as I never went to TV shows or waited them to their hotel, I don't want die cause of stupid groupies! lol


I read on the official French forum, there is a bus full of German fans in front of the concert hall! Mein Gott !!! O.O and they will sleep in the car and all. Lots of French fans on the forum are really surprised and a bit irrited because the concert is full since January and lots of them don't have tickets whereas German concerts are not full and several dates. I have nothing against German, but I understand French fans. I can't deny German fans afraid me sometimes! xD