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Top of the pop May 2007 - Twins ITW

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In this interview, the same questions are asked to the twins, Tom about Bill and Bill about Tom .

Tom about Bill

Is your brother superstitious?

Tom: No. With an exception: If we are not four of us a half hour before the show in the same room, then it brings misfortune. In this point, we are absolutely superstitious, we pay much attention to it. We mutually bring good luck.

What does he absolutely want to make once again?
Tom: Bill absolutely wants make a parachute jump one or bungee-jumping again. For him, it was good, for me, it was not really great because his life was in the other person's hands. But when we will be 60 years old, maybe once again.

What does he not share with you?
Tom: We naturally do not share the toothbrush and such things. We also never drink in the same glass, I think it's disgusting.

Do you exchange clothes?
Tom: Until our sixth years old, we wore the same clothes, it's already happened some times that we exchanged our dungarees. But no more now, never.

What is Bill favorite clothes?
Tom: Bill doesn't have favorite clothes, but if he must choose one, it would be his leather jacket. Bill simply takes it each day into his suit-case and gets there everywhere, and wears it. He looks different each day.

About what do you argue?
Tom: We discuss and argue each day. Sometimes there are decisions which are taken by the band with which we have a different opinion. But most of the time it's for trite things which happen daily. For example, when one of us spills coffe on the others.

How Bill can irritate you?
Tom: Bill constantly sings, it doesn't matter when and where. It irritates me! Bill has always a hit. It doesn't matter if it's our own songs or something he heard in the radio and even if he actually doesn't like at all. Although he's a good singer, sometimes I really want to go in the content of my bag. (Tom meant that sometimes he's fed up listening Bill always sing and wants to hide in his bag to not listen Bill anymore??!! lol)

What does irritate Billl from you?
Tom: My good sayings, but it irritates all the band because they can't surpass me in these things. It's like the Math lessons, when the others not afterwards-come (Not sure of this sentence and I don't understand what Tom said after). That is like that kind learning process…

For which people does he have respect?
Tom: He doesn't have an idol, but he already admired Nena when he was small. He thinks Green Day are really good and also Keane are for the time being his favorite music. He respects a lot these people on musical level.

Which question can't he hear anymore?
Tom: “How the band's name is born?”. We cannot hear this question anymore because they already ask us one hundred times.

How does his hotel room look like three hours later?
Tom: As not as dirty as Georg's room where there are always dirty laundry and stinking socks on the ground. With Bill, there are clothes everywhere and untidy but not dirty.

Up to what point is different the relationship to your parents?
Tom: When we were small, I was more fixed on dad and Bill more on mummy. But since the separation of our parents, we spent time with our mother. We understood ourselves always very well with them.

Bill about Tom

Is your brother superstitious?
Bill: Tom is not superstitious. However, he believes in fate.

What does he absolutely want to make once again?
Bill: He absolutely wants to make a bungee-jumping, we want to try together one time.

What does he not share with you?
Bill: His trousers!

Do you exchange clothes?
Bill: Tom wears these large things which I couldn't tighten.

What is Tom favorite clothes?
Bill: His caps. Tom loves his caps, he has 20,000 caps. (O_O)

About what do you argue?
Bill:  We often argue about little things, but the controversy passes fastly and after one day, everything is alright.

What does irritate Tom from you?
Bill: I irritate Tom because I always decide with my feelings. Tom is the type which thinks more. He hates that when I always decide spontaneously.

For which people does he have respect?
Bill: In front of good musicians, particularly guitarists. And also good Hip Hop singers, because he finds them super.

Which question can't he hear anymore?
Bill: "Why do you called your band Tokio Hotel?"

How does his hotel room look like three hours later?
Bill:  Very organized within the disorder. Tom puts everything down properly and there may not slapdash cleaning. It has always everything on the spot. Tom was also at school very perfect, he had his ruler always at hand. In his room, it's really tidy, he pays much attention to it. I am more chaotic, but I must say I am not so completely untidy. Our mother is very relieved. We were never like that we would have let chaos somewhere.
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