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Tokio Hotel on a deserted Island

This interview is really funny ! I couldn't stop laughing when I read it, so I wanted share with you ! I don't really know where comes form this ITW, I read it's comes from Leb die Sekunde DVD, I must watch it again!
And for once, Gustav talks more than Bill ! Good for lirren
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What would you bring on a deserted island?
Georg :
The twins count for how many ?
Tom : I would rather bring a person instead of a material thing. A person is better than a TV !
Bill : I would bring my brother !
Tom : Me too of course (laugh)

And which tasks would you do on the island ?
Georg :
Gustav would keep the fire going and I would be the boss !
Tom (by cutting Georg short) : I would be the boss...

Why Gustav would keep the fire going?
Gustav :
Because me, I can do it !
Georg : And Gustav is a little perfectionist fairy's dwelling !
Tom : Gustav is a little Robinson Crusoe who is exceptionally talented for manual things.
Gustav : Yes, that's it, exceptional !
Tom : In the 4 of us, he's the only one who loves nature, we don't really like nature !
Gustav : Tom would be happy in a lighthouse.
Tom : With myself, when there is no lighthouse, I shine. I'm the replacement of the sun.
Bill : Me, I'm good to do nothing ! I don't have any talent in manual things.
Gustav : Bill can cut the flowers, he's still a bit one armed. (Bwhahaha ! xD)

And on the island if there is no Mac Donalds?
Bill :
Maybe I could cook !
Gustav : You for cooking ? Oh my god !
Georg : Well, Gustav and me, we could build a raft with sails.
Gustav : Or we could hunt !
Georg : Gustav would be the hunter and the 3 of us builders. We would do a plan and Gustav would bring the food...
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