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Star Club March 2007 No.233 - BILL ITW

"They put to much pressure on us!"

After a short breack at their parents' home, it started again for Tokio Hotel with a second record, Zimmer 483.

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Star Club : Your new single, Durch den Monsun, come from Schrei Album. Why do you not release a song from the new album?
Bill :
Durch den Monsun is the song with which all have begun in Germany. We love it and we said to ourselves that the French audience could also appreciated it. And, for this French release, we recorded the English version as the B-side.

This single is softer than the first one. Will you do make ballads ?
Bill :
Not at all, we will not do less rock 'n roll than before. On Schrei, we alternated with ballads and speed songs. And it will stay like that. This single is more calm, but it doesn't want to say that we will also become more calm ! (laughs).

Tell us more about the new album...
Bill :
The original album is totally in German and we talk about very different subjects like we have lived last year, things which are close to our hearts.

There is the stage... and 2 future concerts in Zénith (French concert halls) full of French people not all German-speaking. Is it important for you ?
Bill :
It's during concert that we have fun the most, so this events, I impatiently wait them. It's important for us to do a big Tour. We are in the preparations. But you know, during our first concert in Paris, we realized that the fans' German prononciation was good. And we are really happy that the 2 Zeniths are full because they are 2 big concert halls. And in Paris, it was full really fastly. We are like crazy ! (Miyu : me too ! YAY ! 3 weeks before the concert in Paris ! can' wait for this)

What did you do during these last months?
Bill :
We were in studio for a long time to write, mix and produce our songs. We did some concerts, but it's true that we had time to come back in our families for the New Year holyday, to see our friends... and there, we could fill up of energy !

You are more and more famous. What do your families and friends think about that?
Bill :
It's true that we don't really have private life anymore! We are looked by the fans and the media, but our families are used to that now. In same time, our parents are a bit worried when we are far from them. But they are pround of our succes and begin to be used to not see us very often.

Your families are also under spotlight ?
Bill :
Our friend and our parents have been spotted... But for now, we managed to protect them, and I hope it will last. Do you imagine if my mother should change her number phone or move ? It would be very unfair !

But it's already happened at other artists !
Bill :
Really? I don't hold a grudge against my fans for trying to contact our friends. I think it's really hard to resist at the temptation to know more about our lives. But we really try to put a limit between our public and private life, and for now, nobody has moved !

To come back to the album, do you put your new stage's experience in service of your music to change it ?
Bill :
We implicate ourselves a lot in our albums in collaboration with our 4 directors. I think that this album will be great. We are very pround of it. We like all the songs and we hope that the audience will like it as much as us ! If not, as far as I'm concerned, my voice grows a little in scale by dint of singing on stage. It's also become deeper... We all learnt a lot on stage. And this time we knew the place and the direction of the operations. We feel more at ease, we are cooler, more relaxed...

Nevertheless, to do a 2nd album, did you feel squeezed ?
Bill :
Lots of people put pressure on us, the first is our record company who considers this album like a real stake! But we refused to let us stressed because pressure prevents to work. We simply did like before for it stays as good as the first time.

What would be your biggest dream now?
Bill :
We realized so much dreams until now that I can have only one now : that it continues, and as strong as now. We moved and travelled a lot, met so much people that we can't have a better dream than to continue...
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