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TV show - Tokio Hotel at Le grand Journal

I translated all the Tokio Hotel part of Le Grand Journal which was broadcasted yesterday. The host is a bit confused about the records because he talks about songs which are on Schrei whereas he introduces Zimmer 483 Album, I prefer let you know ^^; They won a Golden disc ! that's great for them ! Bill speaks French a little ! I's really cute, his voice becomes so girly when he speak French! xD I posted the Youtube video if you want follow both in the same time.

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It's confirmed, here Tokio Hotel !

TH arrives and settles at the table.

Michel: You can see, it's a phenomenal success, so, a second record which we talked, we will hear an extract, so, you are 17 years olds and at 17 years old, when we know a huge success like that, what is the best in success?

Bill : The best is to have all these fans, and obviously to have all these beautiful gilrs around us.
Tom : I agree with him, effectively, the fact to have lots of girls around us, it's fascinating...(Bill laughs)

Michel: So, we have images of fans who are here since this morning around the studio, here at 19:00, at the moment where you arrived, it's never happened before...
Kad : I believed it was for me (joke)
Michel: It was also for you !
We will hear a first extract of this album which is Golden Disc and that I will give you, and the title is DDM. As anybody don't speek German, what does the story of the song we will listen ?

Bill : DDM, in a way it's a love song, it talks about the fact that we can have very strong feelings for someone, that we would do anything for this person and finally, we are ready to give everything for this person, a really strong moment to not stay alone.

Extract DDM

Michel : Extract of this 2nd album which has obtained a Golden Disc, I give you this Golden Disc...

Joke of Kad with "I believe I can fly" ( R.Kelly' song)
TH takes the Golden Disc.

Michel : Bill, you are 17 years old, you began to write music at 6, you dad was a guitarist, you come from a musician family...

Bill : Yes, it's true that we began to make music very very early, and there, I'm a little overtaken by events, this award really pleased us because nobody can imagine how it can be touching, things began 2 years ago... we began in Germany as a very little band and now we are in France, in foreign countries and really, we are really touched to receive this Golden Disc.

Tom :
Yes, we already went in Paris but only in Disneyland and now it's ... (I don't understand what the translator said because everybody talk in same time)

The blond woman I-don't-know-her-name: Do you speak French a little?

Bill : Ya ! "Je m'appelle Bill, j'habite à Magdeburg, malheureusement, je ne parle pas très bien français" (My name is Bill, I live in Magdeburg, I don't speak French very well")

The blond woman : Oh good !

Michel : I will show you some images of their success, TH's hysterical fans eveywhere in the world...
Extract of Leb die Sekunde DVD

The blond woman :
Naturally, it works better with girls?

Bill : Yes, it's true that it works better with girls, everybody would be happy to be in a such situation, it's pleasant to have a female audience after all...

The blond woman :
and sometimes, there are some little stories with groupies who wait you...?
Kad : No, but wait ! what do you do, you are Gala or what? (Gala is a French magazine about gossip on stars...)

Bill :
No, no, there, it's my brother who is the specialist on the matter, no, no, there were some very little stories but nearly nothing...

Michel :
So, we will listen an extract of Schrei...

Extract Schrei

The dark-haired woman I-don't-know-her-name-either: It seems you like change your hairstyle?

Bill : Yes, it doesn't take as much time, I'm used to do it, I take 30 minutes maybe a little more time... I don't know... but I make it fastly...

Michel : Why do you called Tokio Hotel whereas you are German?

Bill : Yes, we love big cities, it's something who interested us and touch us a lot, therefore we said us Tokio Hotel sounds good and finally, where we can be, whatever the countries where we are, it sounds good, and the Hotel too, it's a symbol, in fact we live a lot in hostels, we sleep in hostel every nights without come back home, so that's why...

The blond woman :
Do you quarrel between you like the Gallagher brothers (Oasis) as your are brothers ?

Bill and Tom fight to have the microphone
Tom : Yes

The blond woman : Who is the boss ?
Tom : Me, me, me, me
Bill : Nein, nein, nein, nein

Kad :
Do you do your homeworks ?
Michel : Do you go on school and do your homeworks?

Bill : Georg has his high school diploma, Tom and me, we continue, we have intention to going in University, and even we are still away, we do more or ess our homeworks.

The blond woman : Do you know that the young French people, who are fan of you, want to take German for first language in school ?

Bill : It's great, if it's the case, i think it's really extraordinary, after all, it's a foreign language as an other one and we want continue to speak German and the fact that our fans want learn German, it's really sensational !

Michel : Thanks for coming !
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