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Bravo Feb 2007 - Tom, Sex with a fan !

"Sex with a fan"
They have so much in common but are so different too ! Last week, the singer Bill Kaulitz surprised us with his amorous confessions in Bravo: "I didn't have love story since 2 years and sometimes I feel alone". Now, it's his twin Tom Kaulitz who surprises eveybody with his private confessions. The guitarist confesses to us that he doesn't live it so timidly. It's happened that there is a girl for 1night ! And he was already with a fan too ! For Bravo, Tom finally confess to us his secrets on his torrid night with a fan !

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To sleep with a fan, what is it ?
It can happened ! Some of our fans are really cute. Why should I let them aside?

Ahaaa! Did you have a special relationship with a fan?
There is a story last year during the Shrei-Tour. After the concert, we immediatly went to the bus before to be assailled by fans. We gave autographes during 30 minutes and after that, in fact, I just wanted to sleep.

In reality?
I went in the elevator. In the corridor of my room, there was this girl. We talked and she smiled at me. I smiled at her in return and I entered in my room.

And... Nothing happens?
It's happened. Some minutes later, she knocked at my door. I just filled up the bath and switch on the TV. Then, come from nowhere, there was this girl who laughed in front of me. I asked her what was wrong. She just told me she wanted to be with me and she made a sexy smile. And I said : "Ok, come with me in my room...". Then, she made a so cute smile. After a concert, I'm still a little more emotive, so I'm not completely responsable... (smile) (Miyu: the hopeless excuse...). Just some secondes later, I thought it was maybe not a good idea to let this weird girl to enter in my room. But she was already inside. I couldn't throw her or something like that, isn't it? (smile).

And after you went in your bath or ...
Nooo ! I stopped the water and I took some drinks from the minibar. The curtains were already closed, but not because I waited a girl and there was also the panel "Don't disturb" on the door. Even if I was in this hostel since one day, I don't like that someone enters in my room to fill up the minibar or something like that. Oops, I changed the theme ...

Tell us, and after, what happened ?

We sat on the bed and we just smiled at each other. Then we watched TV but she said nothing. And I said : "For someone who wanted be with me, you are really quiet." (Miyu: BWHAHAHAHA ! xD). And then she smiled and she approached more from me. Then we get rid of all which could bother us. (Miyu: To take off all clothes, fufufu ...).

And how was it ?
Ohhhh ! It was fantastic ! I think we have both spent a good night. Of course, I give not any details about it . She was 17 and was nearly 18 years old soon.

Did you celebrate her birthday?

No ! (laugh). Her birthday was some days after. But it should be cheerful.

What happened after have slept with her?
After we were very hungry and we called the room-service. But they had only the evening menu. It was after 11:00PM (Miyu : My god, so late !!! xD *ironic*). But I really wanted something we can only find in the day. I asked her if she liked it too because it was which I prefered. So, I said to the groom what we wanted, then 10 minutes later, we were served. Pastas with tomatoes with cream sauce and cheese.

Did you see her again after this night?
No, even I think It was very cool, it's just 1 night romance. I asked her phone number and she gave it to me. She smiled and she told me that I would not call her come what may and it wasn't which she waited and I shouldn't say anything.

Did you call her ?
Not yet.

Do you want call her for the next tour ?
Maybe, we never know what can happened. I'm not used to prepare this sort of things. When these moments come just like that, it's nicer. I like that, I'm like that . Bill is completly different for this sort of things, he waits the big love, he thinks that 1 night romance are not emotional, disinterested and all. When I say it to Bill, he can hit me (laugh) - but of course, I never talk with him about that. We have enough things in common on which we agree.

It's one the funniest Interview I read until now, I hope you will enjoy read it too ^^
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