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Dream Up Special TH - Indiscreet questions !

Indiscreet questions...
First kiss, first cigarette, first night with a girl. Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg answer to the most intimate questions.

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First Kiss : It's happened with the same girl as Tom, the only cute girl of the surroundings of our village. And like him I hated this moment. Generally, I have impression that nobody keep a good memory of his first kiss.
First girlfriend : I met her after my first kiss. It was a girl older than me and we stayed together during several months.
First time... : It's a very intimate thing which I prefer to say nothing about it.
First cigarette : It was also with Tom. We were 10 years old and we were hidden in the forest to smoke. Sick by the smoke and the taste of tabacco, we never tried again.
First interrogating by the police : This day I really missed common sense and espacially chance. In the evening, I joined Tom and some friends when I noticed them to run by screaming "Police ! Police!". Panic-stricken, I took flight with them without to know why. The police caught me. I learnt later that they made a fire in a park. My parents came in the police station to bring me at home. The police didn't hold responsabilty on me.
The secret that you wish to know about girls : I don't understand why girls always go in restroom by two.
Last moment of blues : During Christmas vacation. I missed the audience and the fans.
What do you look in first in a girl : Her eyes.

First Kiss : I was 12 or 13 years old. My memories are not really presice.
First girlfriend : I was 13. I was really fallen in love.
First time... : I was 15 but I will not say more about it.
First cigarette : I never try to smoke, really never.
First time you was drunk : I'm not attracted by alcohol. It's already happened I was a little tipsy after have a drink of sket for holidays (German equivalent of champagne). But I was never drank.
First interrogating by the police : I never had problem with the police.
Last hot party : It was for the new year. I was with 3 friends and we rambled about parties in an other parties... We enjoyed like crazy.
What do you look in first in a girl : Her eyes.

First Kiss :
I was 11. I thought it was really disgusting. It's a really bad memory !
First girlfriend : I was 12, our relationship lasted a little more than 2 years. With the passing of time, I think it was long for this age.
First time... : As my first kiss, my first sexual experience was a disaster ! It was with my first girlfriend, we should not be ready...
First cigarette : Bill and me were 10 years old. We went secretly in the cabin we built in the forest to smoke.
First time you was drunk : The day of my communion...
First interrogating by the police : This day, I was with Georg and other friends and we tried to light a fire in a park. Obviously, it's strictly forbidden. To make a bigger flame, we began to throw deodorant bottles inside. And the result was explosive ! The police immediatly arrived exactly in the same moment where Bill joined us. Finally, It's him that the police has caught.
Last punch : On my computer... I miss some patience sometimes when a file is too long to open.
What do you look in first in a girl : Her eyes.

First Kiss :
I was 11. Like Bill and Tom, I didn't like it !
First girlfriend : I had lots of filrts in elementary school, but it was not question of girlfriend yet. In my opinion, we can talk about girlfriend if the relationship lasts at least 1 month... Unfortunatly, all my relationships never lasted more than 3 weeks. So, I never had girlfriend ! (laugh).
First time... : Not great, I don't would like live this moment again... I did it without being ready...
First cigarette : I was 8 when my parents deliberatly pushed me to smoke. It was their original method to disgust me. It was really effective. I was so sick this day that I never touched it again!
First interrogating by the police : It's the same story as Tom, we were together this day...
Last hot party : Some days before Christmas, I was in a club with some friends and a row of very cute girls. I came back at home at 5:00 AM.
What do you look in first in a girl : Her buttocks ! (laugh).

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