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Dream Up Special TH - Georg ITW

"Music can make miracles..."
In spite of his legendary composure, Georg is transformed into an energetic musician when he takes his bass. Son of a good family, nothing pushed him to become a rock star. Nevertheless, his passion for music won and his dream became reality.

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Can you introduce you?
I'm born in Germany in Halle, but my parents settled in Magdeburg when I was 2 years old. I grew in the middle of the city, as a pampered only child. Some years later, unfortunatly my parents get divorced. I was 15 and now I live with my mother. In daily life, I'm an easy to live boy, lively and a relaxed boy. Even too much relaxed like say my close friends.

What do you mean by "too much relaxed"?
With a phlegmatic nature, I like to do things slowly with my rhythm. So, there is always a gap between the others and me, I'm always in a hurry to be in time to take plane or stressed to miss the flight.

Nevertheless, on stage, you are always in the rhythm and really energetic?
Music can make miracles ! (laugh). In fact, for things I'm really passionate, I'm a real battery, I feel ready to push mountains. For the rest and espacially daily life's management, I admit I don't really make effort...

How do you discover the bass?
At school, two friends wanted to make a rock n' roll band. One played guitar and the other one played drums. A little by chance, they asked me if I was interested to learn bass to play with them. I never played music before, but this idea immediatly seduced me. So, I bought a bass and I registered in the music academy of my city. I was 13 and I loved it very fastly.

So, you played in a band before Tokio Hotel...
My two friends, for which I began to play bass, gave up the band's project. But it doesn't matter. Thanks to them, I find my real passion. I continued my lessons in the academy. It's there that I met Gustav for the first time, then he introduced me to Bill and Tom...

What did you think of Bill and Tom during your first meeting?
I was immediatly charmed ! This day, several bands were in competition and played on a little stage. Bill and Tom's performance was really impressing. They were very young but their talent were unquestionable. Some fans in the hall already screamed their names. I immediatly wanted to play with them. Some weeks later, we created together a first band called "Devilish".

Which memories do you have of Devilish?
Devilish, it was the band of our first attempts and also our first failures ! (laugh). At this time, our music was not really good. Nevertheless, this beginning brings me a lot of good memories. I first think at the birth of a very beautiful friendship between Bill, Tom, Gustav and me. I also think at this club when we went each week-end. We had our habits and our audience, limited audience but very enthusiastic.

How did your parents see your artistic vocation?
On this question, my parents' opinion was shared. On the one hand, they were pround to see me passionnate and invested in a activity like music. But on an other hand, they were afraid to see me quit school without diploma. My mother and my father are both doctors and for them, nothing is better than a classic academic degree course to manage his life. To get the permission to play in a band, I undertaked to have my high school diploma what I did.

You are nearly 20, you are the elder of the band. Are you the one whose we ask advice?
Bill, Tom, Gustav and me share together the same experience since several years. We absolutly don't feel the difference of age. And I don't think to be the best model to follow. (Smile).

Do you have some weaknesses to confess?
We can add, to my natural composure, and irresistible passion for sleep. Yes, I'm a big sleeper. Younger, when my friend went play soccer or watched TV, me I went to bed ! In fact, I sleep when I can, day as night. I must add to my flaws list a certain awkwardness. There is not more blunderer than me !

How do you react in front of a beautiful girl?
I smile to her and immediatly begin the conversation. When a girl pleases me, I don't lose time...

Are you be a good seducer?
A good seducer, I think the word is no doubt exagerated. However, if I find a seductive girl, I don't hesitate to go towards her to meet her. Some guys in the band, that I will not say the name, wait sometimes entire weeks before doing the first step. Me, I go without complex.

For you, which is the best place for meetings?
In the street, in a café, in a shop or in nightclub, no matter... If the girl is cute, nothing can stop me.

What sort of boyfriend are you?
Considerate, faithful, sweet, romantic , listening... what else? I'm a perfect boyfriend. I'm afraid to be the only one to think that, because none of my relatioships lasted more than 3 weeks ! (laugh).

Why your relationships are so short-lived?
Until now, not any girls lights in me the little spark. In fact, I simply think that I didn't meet the good person yet. I never feel the real love's feeling yet.

What a romantic guy...

It's true, I'm a very romantique person. When I dream about love, I like imagine to walk in the moonlight, used candlelight picturesque places, languorous date...

Who is your more faithful accomplice ?
I have lots of friends, to begin by the boys of the band. However, it's with my dog, Garon, that I share the biggest intimacy. I'm aware that my ramarks can amaze or make laugh, but it's like that. I'm always felt close to the animals, in particular my dog. I spend lot of time with it, we are two old accomplices.

Do you share lots of secrets with Bill, Tom and Gustav?

A deep and sincere relationship links us each other. They are the only ones to know some details of my life.

Which story is hidden behind the name of your new record, Zimmer 483?

Our musician's life is a perpetual trip where we go from countries to countries, from hostels to hostels... The room 483 is a bungalow where we lived when we were in Spain. It's here, in this picturesque "cabin", on a magnificent beach, that we composed our first song of our new record, Wir sterben niemals aus.

Is there a famous thing hidden in this bungalow 483 ?

We can say that each of us has some personal reasons to be attached to this place... But I will not say more things. We don't denounce friend (wink).

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