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EHHH !!! IT WAS ALL IN GERMAN !!! ^_________^ *SUPER HAPPY!*
I was in concert in Strasbourg, the most difficult concert of all my life, Really !!! it was so cold outside, there was snow and -4°C in the night but I survived ! xDDD During the night, we saw the 4 tourbus which were on the parking behind the concert hall and met one of the guys from the TH staff, he came to talk to us and offered us chicken and all the candies from the bus, he said they had too many candies and chocolates and they gave us all the rest ! This guy was really nice, he talked with us, asked us where we are from, who is our favorite member, I said "all of them !" xD, it was fun ! We ate TH's chicken and candies ! xDDD

Candies of the Tourbus ! xD

Same set list than Brussels and Rotterdam but all in German, all concerts in France are in German (from Universal newsletter) and it was great !! I finally saw 1000 Meere in live, awsome performance !!!! and Geh ! WOW !!! I don't like this song on the CD but in the concert, this song is wonderful !!! They changed lots of thing on the stage, at the biginning, there is a big curtain with purple lights and then it falled down and the band appeared, really cool. Bill changed clothes, I love his red and black t-shirt so much ! and his jeans with the red zip is ... I want the same !!!! xDDD

I was in first row with my friends near the middle where TH play In die Nacht & Rette Mich, exactly the same place I've got in Lille but this time on Tom's side which is really more difficult to live than on Georg's side ! Really, girls on Tom's side are really crazy, they pushed, screamed "ah they are so handsome !!!" ("ahhhh ! ils sont trop bôôôô !!!!! " en français) –__________– espacially for In die nacht and Rette Michh, the girl beside me screamed "Tom" during all the song, so I'm sorry for that, you can hear me say "SHUT UP ! " to the girl in the video but it can't help ! –___–;;;; Then, a girl hitted one of my friend and as she was really trired cause of the night and cold, she went out the crowd and she missed the half of theconcert ! :( I prefer Georg's side, girls are nicer and you really enjoy the concert at 100% !

So here some videos ! :D

In die Nacht, Rette Mich and Ich bin da are my favorite video ! This time I got lot of Tom as we were on his side ! :)

Sorry for the girl beside me who screams during all the song ... protect your ears !
Gustav took a stuffed flower and put it on the front of his drums ! that's so cute ! xD

After the concert, we went to their hotel and made sign our ticket !

Georg's eyes are *___*

Georg signed on Tom's one, Gustav didn't sign, because he stayed in the bus.

I will upload 1000 Meere, Geh, Schwarz and Spring Nicht tomarrow, now I go to bed ! :)
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