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Dream Up Special TH - Gustav ITW

"In school, I was a champion of provocation..."
Unassuming and modest boy, Gustav talks about him very occasionally. Exceptionally, the young man accepts to talk about his past, privacy and his irresistible passion for drums.

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Where do you come from?
I'm born and grew in Magdeburg, a little city in Germany which is situated at 160 kmin in west-south of Berlin, the capital city.

Do you come from a musicians' family?

Neither my parents nor my elder sister, Franziska, play of an intrument or sing. However, they are big music lovers, in particular my father. At home, he always played his old cassette tapes of Bryan Adams, Eric Clapton or Genesis. I played to beat the rhythm by banging on the table or saucepans. Obviously, percussions inspired me. My parents had the excellent idea to register me in a music school.

When did your passion for drums appear?
I was 5 years old when I began my first percussion lessons. Drums is immediatly become a true obsession. Every evening by falling asleep, I imagined me on stage accompanying in solo the singer Phil Collins. Fastly, music became a serious thing. I wanted becoming a drumer and I was ready to do anything to be it.

Did you have a place for training?
In fact, not really... Some months after my registration in the academy, at evening, my dad came back at home with a brand new drums. My parents also accepted to put it in the living room of our flat subject to not play after 10:00 PM. Several times my sister beseeched me to put my drums in the cellar to escape at my improvisations in vain! (laugh)

What sort of child were you?

At school, people nicknamed me "the small with the big mouth" (smile). Until my last years in junior high school, my size was blocked at 1,19 meter (46.8 Inch). And inevitably, i was very mixed up. So, to exist and to catch attention from the others, I tried to make myself conspicuous.

How do you made yourself conspicuous?
For example in class, I regularly shouted out to the teachers. I had the knack of always say the word we shouldn't say. Some of them have really suffered. Generally, I took the shoutest voice I could and I was the champion to find the words which distress. I was a champion of provocation...

At home, do you also play the protester?

My parents were very strict with the upbringing. At home, there are lots of forbidden things. For example, I wasn't allowed to hang posters on the wall to not damage the wallpaper. And all contestations exposed myself to severe punishements. In return, my parents were always the first to support me in my musician's vocation. If I miss some freedom, I could live my passion at 100%.

In your adolescence, what did you the most anger?
Precisely, the lack of freedom made me sometimes crazy ! I would have given everything to go in nightclub with my friends on saturday night. But how could you go there when your mother requires you to come back home at 09:00 PM when the party just bigins? Fortunatly, I'm of age now.

What does it changed in your life since you are of age?
Since last Nov. 8, my 18th birthday, I finally feel free ! Now, I don't feel obliged anymore to ask permission to do what I want. This new autonomy has changed my life. But I'm still respectful to my parents. I simply live my life like I want.

Did you have quitted the family house?
With Tokio Hotel' success, we are on journey most of the time. I don't really need to have my own flat. From time to time, I share a pied-à-terre (house or flat) in Hamburg with Bill, Tom and Georg near our record compagny. The rest of the time, I lived with my parents, it's alright for me.

Do you invite girls at home?
I would never take risk to bring a girl at my parents' home. They would be able to talk me about engagement and wedding ! (laugh).

What sort of boyfriend are you?
I have a reputation to be a tactful and considerate boy. I know how make a wonderful romantic dinner by candlelight (smile).

Did a girl already push you away?
I remembered I was secretly in love of a girl. Some weeks later, after much hesitation, I finally decided to confess my feelings in a passionate letter. Eagerly to know her reaction I went to knock at her door some hours later. And there, surprise, a boy with a cold face opened the door. In fact, he was her boyfriend that I didn't know. The situation was really embarrassing.

What are your greatest qualities and your worst flaws?
For qualities, I would quote the ambition in the good meaning of the word. I like to give me challenges which obliged me to surpass. I think I'm a warm, opened and generous person. For flaws, I can't deny I can be sometimes grumpy and touchy.

Talking about flaws, what are the flaws of your friends?
Georg is always late, it's infernal. With Bill and Tom, we tried everything to change him, in vain. So, we still wait him all the time! (Georg listens the conversation and bursts of laughing and nods his head to approve). Tom is the best to put one's foot in it, espacially in sensitive situations, he's a chatterbox and often says the sentence which distress...

And Bill?

Bill is lucky, he doesn't have flaw ! (laugh).

In private, how is the atmosphere?

We are really linked to each other. Bill, Tom, Georg and me are a real friends group. After a concert or work, we stay all together during hours. We are always together. Even for day off, we meet on evening to go out in a party.

Are you the most moderate in the band?
Exactly ! (laugh)

What is one of your biggest dreams?
To accompany with drums Phil Collins only one time. Apart from this child's whim, my most beautiful dream, I live it everyday with Tokio Hotel. I want nothing else.

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