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ah naaaahhh !!!

ah naaaahhh !!! TH played in English for the 1st concert of the new Tour ! T----T
Sorry, no matter what you will say to defend English version, I don't like it at all !!!! For me, it's exactly the same to watch a Japanese anime in English or French, I can't stand it ! LOL

I listened Scream only 1 time, but I haven't been caught by the songs at all, I even don't know the lyrics of the English version !!! XDDD

I just hope they will played more songs in German for France as they did in October, the concert in Brussels was in English but it was in German for France, I cross fingers, maybe not all the songs but the main songs like Leb die Sekunde, 1000 Meere, Der letzte Tag, Spring Nicht, Schrei, Rette mich will be in German...

But I'm happy to see the boys again ! :D
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