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Dream Up Special TH - Tom ITW

"Girls, I think at them all the time !"
Behind the talented guitarist is hidden an ardent and winning young man. At 17 years old, the rock star shows a high disposition and an irresistible attraction for beautiful girls.

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When did you have your first guitar?
I learnt to play on my stepfather's guitar when I was 6. Two years later, I saved enough money to buy my own musical intrument. It was a first price, a down market model, but an invaluable value for me. Today, I'm still very attached to this guitar which is become an object which brings me good luck. It's with this guitar than Bill and me have given our first performances.

What did you push to play music so much early in public?
With Bill, we didn't really ask why. The desire to go on stage was already there. When we knew play and sing a song, it was necessary for us to make it listen to the others, first to our close relations, then to the local people.

At 8 years old, were you afraid to go on stage?
When we are children, we act spontaneoulsy without shyness nor conscience of the others' judgement. And the adults are so much good public towards children. They are always impressed to see children manage like adults. Even if our performances were not really great, we always had lots of applause. This flattering experience has largely contributed to make us like to be on stage.

Would your parents have preferred to see you have a more conventional youth?
Our mother and espacially our stepfather never tried to stop our artistic ardour. They think our musical activities were good. And when we were 15, we had the opportinity to sign a first contract, they were really crazy happy.

How were you perceived by the other young people of Loitze or Magdeburg?
Bill and me were always inseparable, we were the "Twins Kaulitz"! (smile). With our excentic looks and our strong personnalities, we were not unperceived. Some of them were irritated. Very self-confident, we showed our pride or even an arrogance very exasperating for the other boys of our age. In fact, we were not really loved...

Did you suffer to be rejected?
On the contrary, I loved being in the position of the one who disturbs and pointed by finger. More they criticized me, more I increased my differences and provocations. Today, I still tend to play the agitator (smile).

When did you start to have dreadlocks?
I was 11 years old. In school, my hairstyle is quickly become a big subject of dicussions. And in the street, people were systematically turned over on my passage.

Which is your worst memory in your adolescence?
When I think at my last years, no unpleasant thought comes in mind. Except my first sexual experience which was a real disaster... For nothing in the world I would like to live this moment again. I make a point of specifying that this bad start was not my responsability. My partner didn't really set about it the right way ! (laugh).

Did you reiterate the experience?
Of course, and all is good now ! (wink)

How a girl must do to seduce you?
I like girls a lot, all girls... No particular physical type pleases me more than an other. Blond, dark-haired, it doesn't matter. In the same way for the character, I can be attracted by a shy girl or an extravagant one. I'm not fussy.

How do you approach a girl you like?
In the band, the chat's champion is not me, it's Georg ! (laugh). When we go in parties, he directly goes to talk to beautiful girls whithout being embarrassed. Me, I prefer quietly settled down in a strategic place, to observe and wait the opportinity... If a girl pleases me, I intensely look at her by hoping she would come and talk to me. Then I let the things naturally go : we talk, we dance ad more if there are afffinities.

What do you not understand in girls?
In fact, I don't understand why most of the girls are so much complicated ! I talk about that because I know that. I already had girlfriends who made a fuss about nothing or stupid things. It's uninteresting.

In your life, what are you unable to go without ?
Basically, I can't imagine my life without Bill. We are so close from each other. During 17 years, we share everything and it would be impossible for me to live differently. Obviously, I'm unable to go without play music, my biggest passion.

Which relationship do you have with Bill?
The bond which links me to Bill is unique. Only twins can really understand me. We know all about each other even the most intimate emotions. Nevertheless, our strong complicity doesn't exclude neither differences nor the quarrels. But the clashes finish quickly because we are always able to understand each other.

Which is the main feature of character who distinguish you from Bill?
Bill works with emotions. He's able to make decisions and rush headlong just because he feels it good. He's really spontaneous. On the contrary of him, I'm a thoughtful person and partucularly level-headed. Before doing things, I like discuss, argue, say the arguments for and against. I need time to make decisions. Bill and I are perfectly complementary.

Do you share the same hostel's room?
During our first occupational trips, we shared the same room. The evening in the hostel, it was always cool to discuss with your best friend until the morning. But with the increasing of the trips, we finally decided to have each one his own room. We need to have our own space. Moreover, that makes it possible for each one to listen the music he likes, rock n' roll for Bill and hip hop for me.

What do you like the most in your artist's life?
Thanks to the band' success, I live a palpitating life where each day is different. Travellings, new faces, to meet always different girls... I like this diversity and this permanent change.

Which is your biggest passion after music?

Girls ! I'm not able to resist at their charm. And as I meet beautiful girls everyday, I admit that I think at them all the time!

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Next is Gustav ! ^^

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