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Dream Up Special TH - Bill ITW

"Fans upset me"
Leader of Tokio Hotel band, Bill Kaulitz has been touched by music grace at 6. This vocation never quitted him. Between strengh and sensitivity, Bill expresses his emotions in his songs with only one idea : to share them with the audience.

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Where do you have grown?
I'm born in Leizig in Germany, but i lived in Hannover until my parents get divorced when I was 6. After a brieve stop in Magdeburg, we settled with my mom in a little village called Loitze. It's the place where I grow and where I have all my memories.

How do you have lived your parents' divorce?
A divorce is not really easy to live for children. I talk about that a lot in the song "Gegen meinen Willen". We were children with my brother Tom and it was a painful experience. However, my parents separated without cry nor tears. Then, we could still see our father without problem. All children from divorcees don't have this chance.

How was your life in Loitze?
Loitze is a village in the country near the forest. When we came in Loitze, I was young and really happy to live with nature. To go play in the woods in freedom, it's a dream for a child. But as you grow up, this feeling is quickly gone and the boredom came. At this age,     I was thirsty for discoveries and new meetings, I was stucked in this deserted village.  It was horrible. Fortunately, Magdeburg is at 20 minutes in bus. So with Tom, we took all the opportunities to go.

What did you hate the most?
School was my worst nightmare ! I never felt good in school and I dreamt about only one thing : to run away. I think that my teachers would have liked that I do it. They had real difficulties to hold my personnality.

Why school was so much horrible?
I couldn't bear that someone dictates me my thoughts and my acts. To be conformed to some stupid rules was unbearable. For me, school was like a jail ! I felt this feeling in my childhood in my first days in class.

Were you an insolent student?
I often had quarrels with my teachers. But I knew really well the game's rules and I knew when to stop the provocation. We can say I was an insolent student but I never insulted my teachers, so they couldn't make me get out (smile). In an other hand, I had excellent marks. In fact, as I wished finish school the fastest as possible, I worked hard and to didn't lost my time.

How would you define your personnality?
It's difficult to say who we really are. Nevertheless, I think the word "Freedom" defines well my personnality. I need to be able to give my opinion and to act freely without feeling me oppressed or constrained by social rules. Basically, I'm an independant and voluntary boy.

Which are the flaws that people reproach you?
People said I'm obstinate and perfectionist. When something is really important for me, nobody nor nothing can deturn me. In the same way, approximation doesn't satisfy me. I'm aware that it can irritate people around me and particularly members of my band. They don't really understand why small details are very important for me.

Do you remember your first musical emotion?
When I was small, my mom an my grandma often went to the spectacles and gladly brought me with them. I had my first musical revelation at 6 years old during a concert of Nena, a German pop star. I was so upset that the evening, I announced to my mom that I would like to be a singer !

What do you exactly feel on stage?
Before a concert, I'm really nervous. The first minutes on stage are always very testing. Generally, I need 2 or 3 songs to defeat my stress. Then, I'm in extase, it's diffcult to describe. In Germany, the band regularly appears in concert halls of 15 000 people. Brought by the audience, we feel strong, powerfull, nearly invulnerable. When the fans start to sing all together, I tremble. I'm upset. Each concert seems to be really short and I'm in weightlessness.

What touch you the most in your fans?
I'm really impressed by the intensity of their feelings. They never do half of the things and always express their emotions. They all know our songs by heart, they are super excited to see us and want to know all about us. I admire their enthusiasm and their faithfulness.

Do you have secrets for your twin Tom?
Tom knows absolutly all about me and each other. We say all each other, there is no secret between us. We are two soul sisters at the first meaning of the words. If there are real physical or nature differences between us, we are always over the same wavelenght.

Even far from him, do you know what does he feel?
It can be weird but I can guess in which state of mind is Tom. And still there, it's reciprocal. We are able to make the same dream at the same moment ! Until now, scientists couldn't demonstrate the emotional connection which links twins. But that really exists, I can testify to that.

Did you already go out with the same girl?
For our  first kiss, Tom and me have kissed the same girl... But there are not many beautiful girls to kiss in our village. In my memory, she was the only cute girl of all surroundings. We didn't really have choice !

What do you like in girls?

I'm sensitive to the glance. Yes, eyes of a girl must captivate me, expess something mysterious to interest me. The rest is secondary...

When did you have your last date?
I didn't have the occasion to flirt since a long time. My last relationship was more than 2 years ago. Since our first album. Months passed very quicly. How times flies !

What would the fans be surprised to discover on you?

The fans don't really know the cheerful side of my personnality. In private, I'm a real live wire. I even have a certain talent to tell funny stories and to play the comic one.

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Next will be Tom ! ^^
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