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TH in Super - Scans + Translation

Big thanks to lamagamorgana  who gave me the scans and translation! I just correct some little things but really thanks for your hard work ! <3


Tokio Hotel
"We are not perfect guys!"

[first page]

Suitcase Madness

The boys travel restlessly and go from hotel to hotel. That's why the most important objects in their eyes are... their suitcases! "It's crazy the number of suitcases that we can drag with us for a long time! Besides, we don't spend most of our money in cars, luxury packed houses or anything, but on baggage overweight taxes! (laughs)"

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[second page]

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"Tom and I have received our notification to serve our military duty!" (Bill)

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Super Plus!

Even if they make most things together, Tokio don't live each in their own apartment. "It's not worthwhile to have an apartment each, since it's an exceptional fact for us to be at home! It's true that we have an apartment on top of our recording studio, where we all live when we are there. But of course, when we have a little free time, which is rare, we go back to our families!"

[third page]

Tokio Hotel

"We are not perfect guys!" (Bill)

After the insane success of their album "Zimmer 483", the fours boys have released an album that gathers their best songs, in english version: "Scream"! The members of Tokio Hotel will come back in France next fall for a series of concerts, one of which in Paris-Bercy. Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav are happy of their success but, having travelled so much, they now find themselves a little tired. But that didn't stop them from sharing themselves with Super...

>Good morning boys! How are you living the coming out of your english album? It's already going very well, I imagine you are happy..

Bill: "We are fine, but we are a little tired because we travel so much, but it's true that we get a lot of joy from the success of the english album. That gives us the strength to go on.."

> Regarding this album in english, french fans fear that you won't sing in german anymore. For the next tour then, are you going to sing in german or half english, half german?

Bill: "No fear! We always write our songs in german! And for the next tour in France, be reassured, we're surely going to sing in german also! It's at any rate the language that I master the best since it's my native language. The songs in english are just a word by word translation of the german lyrics."

> You have planned a tour in France this fall. How long will that last?

Bill: "Actually, it's not a tour of its own but supplementary dates for our european tour. But we won't give them for the moment! We can't say that we're gonna be on tour for months and months, they're gonna always be breaks, that's for sure. We travel a lot abroad, we have concerts here and there. Surely it's gonna be a lot like a real tour 'cause we're gonna have our bus, etc.."

> Considering your age and how quickly this success has come, how do you manage the relationship with the fans?

Bill: "We see it in a very relaxed way. We try to continue like we have in the past and to live our youth more or less normally, through our music, our look. Evidently we can't do the exact same things like every other young people. We are aware that we have a very special life and that the youngsters don't dare dream of leading such a life. We too, two years ago, couldn't ever have imagined the life that we have now. It's really incredible that we get to live this at such a young age and observe all the business there is around music."
Tom: " What's fantastic, it's not only to have success in Germany (which is already great for us) but also at an european level! It's a giant step forward and absolutely great!"
Bill: "And about the relationship with our fans, when we read what the magazines write about us, you have the impression that we are all perfect. And very frankly, that's far from being the case. Especially with Georg anyway! (laughs). You must not idealize us, we make the same mistakes, the same idiot things as boys of our age. Since the age of 15, we've been under the spotlight, and the public see everything since we've grown before their eyes! We want to tell our fans, not to take us always as an example. We are not perfect guys !

> Why making "Scream" and what have you felt discovering your titles modified in english as well as the new clips?

Bill: "We have made this album in english, because we wanted everybody to understand the message of our lyrics, when the songs pass on the radio for example. But it's true that our fans are not totally lazy and they take interest in the songs' content. Anyway we wanted to make something for our lazy fans, give them a hand in understand, in some way!"

> Bill and Tom, what about the rumor that goes around about your military service?

Bill: "Well, it's not only a rumor! Tom and me are 17, and in Germany, that's the age we get notified to do our duty. It's true that we should have been expecting it but all the same we were a little shocked when we received the notification! For now we have the time to see how to react to it 'cause we have still some time ahead of us! So, we haven't made any decisions yet. We have to say that our first reaction was being anxious about knowing what would become of the band and if we have to go, not knowing what will become of our hair and nails! (laughs)"

> Gustav and Georg, aren't you a bit frustrated when it's always Bill and Tom that get put in the front?

Georg: "As you can see, Bill and Tom talk all day, and it's been like this for seven years! Gustav and me, we are just a little calmer. But beware, 'cause in the back, it's us pulling the strings! (laughs)"
Tom: "That's not all true. In fact, they are not very good with grammar and they always get 1/20 in german (meaning, as a grade in school), that's why they prefer to stay silent! (laughs)"

The scans are really good quality and untagged/unwatermarked, so don't tag them, thanks :D

ETA: New layout!!!! xDDD
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