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Kiss Me - Italian magazine Scans and Translation

All credit and thanks to lamagamorgana  who gave me the scans and translation! :D

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Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

/!\ As you know, some magazines write wrong things about TH, so don't be surprised to read some weird/wrong things (who are commented in blue by lamagamorgana herself !)


Tokio Hotel
it's already (TH-)mania!
Discover now Bill and his band
The exclusive photos! The trivia!
The secrets of the hottest band!



"Tokio Hotel Fever!"
with their unmistakable style they've become the band of the moment and with the album Scream Europe has gone crazy for them! Here's the interview and a lot of trivia to find out everything about your new idols!


Name: Bill Kaulitz
Birthday: September 1, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: 17
Sentimental status: single
Role (in the band): singer
Motto: Make your dreams come true
Trivia: he spends 1500 euro a month in hair products

Name: Tom Kaulitz
Birthday: September 1, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: 17
Sentimental status: single
Role: guitarist
Motto: Carpe Diem
Trivia: a bastard completely obsessed with sex [note of Miyu: I think the magazine's gone a little too far with this sentence even it's a bit true ! xD]

Name: Georg Listing
Birthday: March 3, 1987
Zodiac sign: Aries
Age: 20
Sentimental status: single
Role: bassist
Motto: Hurray for changes
Trivia: he's funny and messy (meaning he keeps his things/room/whatever very messy), he has a collection of stuffed animals

Name: Gustav Schafer
Birthday: September 9, 1988
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Age: 18
Sentimental Status: single
Role: batterist
Credo: Never give up
Trivia: he's the angel of the group. He has no vices!



The beginning
They are the phenomenon of the moment. But how did their adventure in the world of music start? The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz have been playing since the age of 7, thanks to their stepfather, a famous musician of Magdeburg, the two boys managed to perform in various venues and in 2001 they met the batterist Gustav Schafer and the bassis Georg Listing. Bill founded "Devilish", but he later put the whole group under a contract with Sony BMG with the name Tokio Hotel. A team of singing coaches prepared the four youngsters, but after just a few days after the release of their first single, the record company fired them. Really bad call! In 2005, Tokio Hotel got a new record contract with Universal Music, and (now) with the album Scream, recorded exclusivelly in english, they have climbed up all the world's charts.


The Interview
Is this your first time in Italy?
We used to come on vacation in Italy a long time ago.
What do you think of the welcoming? You already have so many fans.
We weren’t expecting it at all, it was a surprise for us
I saw you a month ago in Paris and I was astounded in finding (that you are) such a powerful group on stage and to hear 6000 little girls singing in german!
It was total madness, beyond our wildest imagination because we sold out the gigs. It was incredible for us too! And here in Italy too they’re starting to sing in german, it was useless to translate them in english! (they all laugh)
Talking about it, why english?
English is more universal than german and allows to reach as many people as possible. To us, music is important but we want the lyrics to come through too.
In the passage from german to english, did you preserve the meaning of the songs or did you have to change some things?
We tried to keep the sense of the songs intact but some german expressions we (couldn’t replicate word by word and) had to change.
You’re so very young, how were Tokio Hotel born?
Kaulitz Twins: We’ve been playing since we were seven, then we started performing in venues where unspeakable music was played. [not word by word, “improponibile” is a very colloquial way for meaning either very bad or very weird, at any rate “embarassing” music ^_^ ]
Gustav and Georg: We knew each other from music school, we saw the twins perform and we told each other that it was best if we did something about it.
Bill, do you feel responsible when you are in front of so many young people that see themselves in your songs lyrics?
I try to see it light-hartedly, I’m aware that they listen to the words, but that is indeed the purpose of the band.
What do you think of the evolution of the band from one record to the other?
It’s not an evolution, but a natural development, the sounds have changed, but we are always behind everything. As musicians we never stop learning and especially playing live there’s been an improvement, looking back at performances from one year ago it’s plain to see how each one of us has grown.
This record in english is a best of your first two albums. Bill you’ve changed, you’ve grown and with you your voice changed as well..
Bill: it’s true, some songs we had to record up to six times!
Other members of TH: But that’s not because his voice had changed, it’s because he’s a perfectionist! This is a general characteristic of the band, after each live performance we look for weak points of our performance.
Do you have any hobbies in your free time?
We can do nothing but music!



Destined for success
Tokio Hotel are at seventh heaven for the hype that rised about them. The success they got is a dream come true, but the german band actually felt that this was going to happen. Bill says: “This is what we dreamt of, to live (and breathe) music, but in the end it was almost inevitable, I feel that we were born in the hands of success. I find it important to have goals, ours now is to have a world tour and break out!”


Fans throw panties at us!
Tokio Hotel’s leader [I think the editors screwed up BAD, mixing info about Tom and Bill. I read many interviews translated from german and my opinion is all these “facts” are about Tom, for instance he’s the one who loves Angelina Jolie, not Bill. In Apr 2007, in a “20 questions” session with a german magazine called YAM, he stated that he would have liked to kiss her and that he would have picked her to be trapped into an elevator with…] is crazy about girl, particularly ones with brown hair and curvy bodies. He defines himself as sensitive and sentimentally restless: “I was never in love and honestly I don’t believe in love, I think for every man there’s more than one ideal girl, why settle with one? To tell the truth there is one girl I could be faithful to, it’s Angelina Jolie, when I die I’ll become a ghost, then I’ll visit her during the night… the thing I love about fans? When they throw their bras and panties at us.”


The singer’s evolutions are not only about music, but also about hair. Some years ago he sported a manga hairstyle.


Bill’s look
Bill, with his hedgehog-like hair, black with platinum blond highlights, always perfectly straight (but this also means “sticking out”), doesn’t go unnoticed. Nevertheless he says he does not spend too much time getting ready, not more than any other boy. “In 40 minutes I shower, I get dressed, and I do my hair with Kyrel hair spray. I keep them that way to hide my ears, they look like they’re made of rubber! Who thinks I waste too much time is wrong! During concerts I see a lot of guys with smok(e)y eyes and black nail polish, that makes me proud. My make-up is very simple: Maybelline eye-liner and kajal. The thing that makes me very recognizable? My duck-like walk. I have to walk like this to prevent my pants from falling down to my ankles”

..there you go, I hope you appreciate my scans and translation! ^_^
Tokio Hotel forever!
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