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Gustav's postal card from Paris

Gustav wrote a postal card from Paris ! <333

Mon Chéri, (My dear)

Today, we were to the M6 show in Paris.
Here all is always organized a little more roughly than at home (means in Germany), but at the end, all works well... somehow! After that, it was as always to the hotel but late in the night I discreetly went to the Eiffel tower to take some pictures. If you want I will send you them - ah, yes, I hope that you liked the seagull :-) !

À bientôt (See you soon)

Gustav, Tom, Bill, Georg

I so love that Gustav write "Mon Chéri" In French even there is mistake in it ! xD
"Mon Chéri" is for a guy, "Ma chérie" is for a girl, but the better would be "Mes chéries" > female plurial ! hahaha
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