March 2nd, 2008


1000 Hotels Tour will start soon ! YAY !!!!

YEAH! Miyu is back for this new Tour ! :D There was nothing in France in February & my new job takes me lots of time but I will need to do a break next week because the Tour will start ! I'm so excited !!! Some of my friends are already gone for the concert in Brussels of tomarrow !!! lucky them to be able to do this concert ! :) Then I'll join them in Strasbourg (France) on Wednesday, my gig ticket and train tickets are ready, I need to do my package as I booked 2 nights in an hotel there ! No way I sleep outisde if it's raining or -5°C during the night ! I don't want to die before the concert ! xDD Then I come back in Paris for the 2 concerts in Bercy ! It will be crazy !

Note to myself : Don't forget the batteries of my camera !!!!