December 29th, 2007

Bill main

TH in Saga 27.12.2008

It was one of the interveiw they did in Paris in December where Bill has his ornage jacket, he was absolutly beautiful with it and his big cheeks, super cute! <3

I translated only what Bill said as the voice said things we already know or stupid things... That it's a phenomenon, we didn't see it since the Beatles, that French want to learn German now because of them, that Bill is the leader and it's because of him that the band works (-____-;;;) and it's him that the media look and are more interested, that Bill said he was gay, blah blah...

Bill : It's really great, it's really fabulous to have this millions of fans screaming your names. It was really the dream for each of us to be famous and to hear your name screamed everywhere we go

BIG LOL ! the voice said they have big star behavior, and a super protection staff, we are not allowed to look at them in the eyes ! XDDD *dies laughing* that Tokio Hotel is worse than to meet Madonna.

Then that Tokio Hotel will try to export in the rest of the world.
Bill : We know there are lots of countries wher we can go and finally we don't know where we would go. Of course, we hope that it will continue and we stay optimistic, but what we can say, it's that we will be still here for our fans and we will do music for the rest of our lives.