December 27th, 2007

Bill omg

Some blah balh and news

I was super busy the last days, my mom was in hospital until today now she goes in a convalescent home for 3 weeks ! 2nd time in a row I spent Christmas in hospital :/ Not funny at all, so I wish a super late "Meri Kuri" (japanese version! xD) to everyone !!! Hope everyone spent a better Christmas than me ! :)

You all know now TH will make a concert in France in Parc des princes (70~80 000 tickets) for June 20, 2008 !!!!

Parc des Princes (and Stade de France) are soccer stadiums but can be used for big concerts reserved for the most famous artists like Madonna, The Rolling Stones, Sting, Bruce Springsteen !!! That TH make a concert in it is really … don’t have the word… it’s WOOOW !!! Good job TH-boys!!!  (^0^)b I’m so pround of you!

it would be the biggest concert of Tokio Hotel History !!! (I mean for a concert with just them, not open air with several bands)

The stadium is just behind my house !! xDDD
Miyu will be in !!! yooosh!!!

And don't forget to vote for Tokio Hotel for the NRJ Music awards in
The TV show will be broadcasted in live on Saturday 26, Jan 2008 at 8:50PM on TF1

oh! and something totally not in TH world (yes I have other interests in my life not related to TH! xDD), I just read this morning and makes me happy, Miyavi 1st world Tour in 2008!!
"THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK TOUR 2008" Tour are stops planned in America, Germany, France, England, Finnland, South Korea, Taiwan, China and of course Japan.
Info by pinky_heaven01 in miyavi_media

OMG !!!! Miyavi will come in France for a concert !!!! I always wanted to see Miyavi in concert one day, I missed the concert in Germany in July, I had a friend who lived near the concert hall but I couldn't go ! :/

On my list of 3 concerts I absolutly want to go, at least one is possible soon ! xDDD
Gackt and NEWS are the following ! the best would be a SKIN concert (Gackt/Miyavi/Yoshiki in same time ! XDDD Sugizo, sorry guy but I'm not really attracted by you ! lol)