December 11th, 2007

bill so embarassed <3

TH IN PARIS 09-10-11.12.07

TH was in Paris for 3 days for 3 TV shows.
After the 34598523 rumours, and the “they come/they cancell”, “Bill is sick”, TH was in France for the TV show called Disque d’Or (Golden Disc) which will be broadcasted on 25th Dec on TF1. They also went to "La Méthode Cauet" and "Saga" but nobody know it !!! "La Méthode Cauet" will broadcasted on 10th Jan.

Bill has still his big cheeks, it was absolutly adorable! They signed 2 times but I missed the 1st time at 3:00PM because as we didn't know they went to an other TV show, I took my time to go to the hotel, I didn't want to wait 8 hours in the cold and rain ! I arrived just when they finished sign, I saw the cars, I run towards my friends, I just saw a little of them ! So I decided to wait when they will come back. They came back to eat before the 2nd TV show, they signed when they came back, I made signed my DVD (but I messed my video so I don't have the 1st sign) and I ran with my friends to the end of the queue and I made signed my ticket of last Paris concert!!! xDDDD 8 autographes in 1 time! lol

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