November 23rd, 2007

Tom on toilet

Yataaaa !!!! I've got my tickets !!!!

YAY !!!! I managed to got my TH tickets concert this morning !!!! It was so difficult to have them because all the shops and internet were blocked, not available or sold out !!! BIG STRESS !!! I slept only 3 hours last night because of this stress, I wondered if it was better to go directly to the shop or take them on internet, finally I decided to go to the shop but the computers crashed at 10:00 AM at the opening of the sale of the tickets, 10 minutes later, it was already unavailable for an undetermined time!!! O_O WTF ??? I decided to go to an other shop but it was worse !!! I called my mom to ask her to try to take the tickets for me on internet but Mommy is kinda bad with computer things! —____—;;; then I went to the shop I was earlier, MIRACLE !!! the computers work and I finally got my tickets !!! thanks God !

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06.03.08 Strasbourg - France

09.03.08 Paris - France
10.03.08 Paris - France

Edit :
Added 1 ticket as the 1st concert in Paris was sold out in 50 minutes this morning, they added a 2nd concert in Paris on March 10.