November 19th, 2007


Review TH in Paris 16-17-18 November 07

TH spent 3 days in Paris for the Star Academy TV show. I think you all see the videos and the duet of Bill and Jeremy and the 1000 Meere performance. I'm still shocked of the guy who sang with Bill! he could at least correctly learnt the lyrics, ne?! >:O Poor Bill to sing with the guy! Bill even didn't really look at him ! xDDD

So, here a little review of this week end! :) TH arrived on Friday night at 11:30PM, it was very cold espacially when you spent the whole day outside with 2°C!!! Because of the train strikes there are in Germany (same as in France right now!), they missed their flight in Hamburg and seems they came from Munich. We waited until 11:30PM, then the cars arrived and stopped 10 minutes in front of the hotel. Then Tobi came to us, we took our places because they sign autographes what was very kind of them because they usually don't sign when they just come from the airport, they directly enter in the hotel, but this time, they took time to come to us ! <3 I gave my postcards to sign. They have all sunglasses except Gustav who has his coat until his nose ! lol

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TH come back in France on 10th Dec ! I'll be here ! ;)