October 16th, 2007

Bill ehh?

SQUEEEEE !!! I come back from TH concert in Paris

Maaa !!! you know what, it was great ! I got a really good sit, 10th row on Tom's side !!! I don't have pics as pics are super blur or dark ! so, I filmed the whole concert instead !! xDDD

It was the same concert than the 17 April except one thing I didn't like, it was they sang Scream, Break away and Final Day, the English version of Schrei, Ich brech aus and Der letzte Tag !!! >:O these songs are really better in German espacially Schrei, this song must be sung in German, it's so much more powerful in German than English !!! and I don't know the English lyrics as I don't like English version -___- so I sang them in German ! xDDDD

um... I have 1,39Go of video, as it's 23:10 here and I'm tired plus I absolulty want to take a shower, I will show video tomarrow !
don't know if I could put them on Youtube or Daily Motion as they are super huge ! xDDD

It was the same setlist except the English version, and lots of twincest! and I filmed Gustav in the end, because we don't see him very well, he's very far on the stage, but at the end, Gustav was adorable !!  lirren must absolutly see it ! :D