September 15th, 2007

Twins - Sur le pont d'Avignon

TH IN PARIS 14.09.07 Video + download Le Grand Journal

Hey girls! :D TH was in Paris the last 3 days, this time I manage to have the 4 autographs on my poster, I'm so happy ! I kind of unlucky with this sort of thing but this time, I got a little chance ! xD

TH arrived on Thursday 13th, we found their hotel with a friend, we waited for 2 hours then the driver said us that they are late and have 2 interviews until 9:00 PM and they will not go out on the evening, so we decided to come back home but some fans saw them by the window and started to scream, I don't know whose the room but they were on the balcony maybe to see the view, we raised the head to see but was too late ! ^^;;;

On Friday 14th, TH was in Le Grand Journal TV show for Interview and Spring Nicht performance, you can download here:

Download :

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I didn't go to the TV show but I was near the parking where the cars leave the TV station, we were only 15 people to wait in line without a scream, when the car left the parking, they saw us, they slowed down the car and stopped in front of us, we think they will go outside to sign autographs but no, we make signs with hands and they gave back to us and left us without go outside the cars ! we were O.O ugh!!!! xDDD ok, so we came back to the hotel and they just finished to sign autographs !!!!! God, we missed them from 5 minutes ! But we waited again because we knew they must go to NRJ for interview, they left the hotel without sign, so we waited they come back (you can wait hours and hours with TH! lol) and when they came back, Saki said "one line! one line!" and "les pieds sur le trottoir" in French (the feet on the sidewalk) ! xDDD then they signed autographs and the fans sang Happy birthday to the twins and Gustav, I finally got my poster signed! :D

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Georg signed on Bill's foot, seems he didn't recognize himself ! xD LOL

I filmed them but it was chaotic as the girls behind me pushed me on the road ! you can hear me say "don't push or I hit you" xDDD I got some problems because I was in the front but the girls put their posters on me and above mine, that's why my video is weird, sorry ! espacially with Bill, a girl put a poster above mine and I neary missed Bill but I called him and he took my poster and signed it ! Thanks God!!! you can hear Tom say "Danke" and Bill who asked Saki if he can take his bag, don't remember what it is, I think it's a girl's gift but Bill can't hold it and sign in same time, then I didn't notice but a stupid girl behind me pushed my camera away and I didn't notice earlier she put my camera on Pause, so I don't have Bill really in front of me and no Gustav ! ;_; arrrgh!!!!!!!!!!

But I'm still happy to have autographs and have seen them really close :D
They leave France today, we saw Saki left the hotel and came back with a Sephora bag (cosmetic shop for make up and perfume) I'm sure Bill asked him to buy mascara or something for him ! xDDD