September 7th, 2007

Bill - Totgeliebt

Miyu is in da House !

Ok! Long time I didn't post, since 1 month and a half ! lol but as I spent lot of time with TH in May/June/July with all the events, I took vacation like them in August, trying to forget them for a time, it's not good for social life to be too much in TH world ! xDDD But as TH come back in 1 week in Paris, I must be ready, so here Miyu's return ! hahaha! Then in October, there is the French Tour, must be ready too ! There is a new contest on radio to win for 100 people to watch the 483 Tour DVD with the band (Yes, TH wll be here to watch the DVD with the winners)  in exclusivity !!! then 10 people of the 100 winners will have a special meet and greet with the band and will have the possibility to say what they think of the DVD. Obviously, I play to the contest but didn't win ... as always but there's still have time to win ! *cross fingers*

Oh! ... And I must think of a new layout ! :)