July 15th, 2007

Gusti <3

2007.07.14 - TH in Paris

Hey ! long time I didn't update! lol
So I saw TH in Paris their hotel, lots of things happened!
We find the hotel on the day they arrived in Paris but we didn't go, it was too late, so I came back yesterday (14 July) in the morning, the day was really hot and sunny, we took place behind the fences with my friends and waited. At ~5:00PM, there was a war/army, anti-nuclear, gay, and other things manisfestation, we thought TH will go with the door behind the hotel, we were very anxious and waited until 6:00 ~ 6:30PM, then we saw Saki with his wonderfull hat !!!! xDDD I burst out laughing when I saw him ! I couldn't resist to take a pic of him! :D

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Then TH went out from the hotel, they began to sign at left (I was at right) then we saw Tom who started to sign in our side but the security man from the hotel put his arm on the fence and Tom didn't pass the security man and stopped to sign and they directly entered in the cars !!! ARRGHH!!! so desappointed ! We were behind the fences on the sidewalk and didn't disturb but lots of curious tourists and other fans went and they were more people on the road (which is normally forbidden) than on the sideswalk -_____-;

TH - Hotel 2007.07.14
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I didn't go to the concert in the Eiffel Tower, too hot and tired, so many people (500,000 people) just too lazy to go... I didn't see them after because they came back to the hotel but they went by the door behind ! -____- but it was not late and there was the July 14's (French National Day) fireworks, we thought they would go to see the fireworks, but at 0:30AM, I was too tired to wait and went back home, at 6:30AM, I came back and girls who waited all the night told me TH went in nightclub and they came back to the hotel at 5:00AM, and they were drunk, espacially Tom! xD Gustav didn't go, he stayed at the hotel, he's serious... :)  but he went to the airport at 6:00AM O_o So we waited again behind the fences because we are civilized but there were always girls who come and go on the road -____- then TH were ready to go at 1:30PM, their cars were just in front of us, they signed on the left side and on the girls on the road! WTF?!!! I wonder why we follow the rules and the security rules and have nothing when the girls who just come, didn't wait and don't care of the security rules have autographs, good pics and all...  v_v

But I'm still happy to have seen them :)