June 23rd, 2007


3 crazy days with TH! Gustav is love ! <3

Hey Girlz! I just spent 3 crazy days, really exciting, crazy and tiresome! xD
I just don't know with what I should begin. So, TH was in France for the World Music Festival on 21st June, the 1st day of summer. I told to myself, I will try to find their hotel, I went to one of their hotel by thinking there was a chance they could be here, so I went and saw some fans with posters and all, I was "YES! First try was the good one ! Lucky !". I waited, I met some girls and made really good friend with one of them, she told me something really funny, she has a friend who works in the Planet Hollywood on the Champs Elysées. TH went to the Planet Hollywood last time and it's her who served TH to their table. She went to take their order, she asked Bill what he wanted, Bill said: "I want squid", the waitress replied him: "I'm sorry, we don't have squid", Bill beat the table with the menu and said "I WANT SQUID! I WANT SQUID!!!!" (xD so childish!) The waitress replied him she was really sorry but there is no squid!!!! Bill pouted ! xDDD I don't know what he asked to replace the squid. Then it's Tom who asked to the waitress to give him 2 packets of cigarettes, she replied him it's not free, then Tom said: "In the hotel, they always give us free cigarettes". The waitress said: "I'm sorry but here it's not free!". Tom gave her a 20Euros' bill and said her: "I want my money back!". The waitress went to buy 2 packets of cigarettes for him. Georg and Gustav were really nice with the waitress, espacially Gustav who said only nice things like: "Thank you miss", "It's nice to you", etc ... <333
Seems the twins are not as nice than we can believe... ^^;;;;;
I continue the hotel story, TH should arrive at 8:00pm, but girls to the airport told us the plane is late and they are really tired, so, they finally arrived at 9:00pm, they just jumped from the cars and directly entered in the hotel by making signs with the hands. Some girls said Gustav is gone alone at 11:30pm with the car and driver from the hotel, I think it's to take picture ! xD

I came back the next day on the morning as I didn't know when they must go to do the private showcase with NRJ, but finally we knew they will go at 4:00pm, so I waited with my friends, we were just in front of the hotel door. Everybody were in a line and we waited. At 3:00pm, TH finally went to sign autographs, they began by the right of the street, girls were cool, didn't move, but some stupid girls wanted to see them again and they pushed us in the middle, so when Bill & Co were in front of us, they pushed us, I missed Bill, Tom and Georg because of them ! why these bitches didn't stay to their spot ?!!! >:O I saw TH very close but I didn't have autograph. Then, the line was broken because of these bitches who ran after BilI and Tom, I saw Gustav with his bodyguard and only 2 girls just in front of me, I told to myself, there is nobody, it's stupid to not asking to Gustav to sign my photoboocklet (Zimmer 483), so I went near him and asked him to sign and he signed it <3 I thanked him and joined my friend! GUSTAV SO CUUUTE ! <333

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After, TH are gone to the NRJ showcase and after for the World Music Festival. We went to the festival and saw them played Übers Ende der Welt, then we returned to their hotel and stayed outside during all the night. The next day, we were in a line again in the first row, I would hit all girls who would push this time! >:( But it started to rain, then we saw Saki who prepared the cars and luggages, but he rained so heavily, they didn't sign, they directly went to the cars. It was really funny, I enjoyed it a lot!

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I just don't have a good pic of Georg :(