June 13th, 2007

Bill - Totgeliebt

483 French Tour : + 5 New Concerts

You know what ? tomarrow I have got an appointement for a job in a publisher company for art magazines ! :D I'm happy, maybe this one will work, I cross fingers for tomarrow >_< I want this job !

New towns for the 483 French Tour. Total of 12 concerts in France!!! Sugoi desu yo! O.O

From : th.com
10 Oct - Clermont Ferrand - Zénith d'Auvergne
11 Oct - Lyon - Halle Tony Garnier
26 Oct - Amnéville - Galaxie
28 Oct - Nice - Nikaïa
29 Oct - Toulon - Zénith
Sale of the ticket : June 20

From : th.com

No concert in the north and west, only at east and south, so no concert for me in these dates, there is no train to bring back at home -__- I can't stay outside until the morning ! lol I already have Paris and Lille, it's good! :D I think Italian fans will invade Nice's concert! xD