May 24th, 2007

wet, and german, Georg hot

Miyu's blah blah #2 + Portuguese Bravo scans

Long time I didn't write in my LJ, I don't have time ! I must find a job ! (*cough* My dad scolded me about being jobless *cough*). It's really hard to find a job, even I'm graduated and all, companies want people with experience, but how they want people have experience if they don't let them to have it ! >:O So, I spend my time to visit companies, sorry to being inactive or don't reply to your post and in community, I didn't forget you, I miss you all ! :3

The only positive things are I managed to get my reservation to see TH performance during the recording of a TV show, I'm happy and on 1st June, they will sell the tickets to the 2nd part of 483 Tour, I absolutly must go buy a ticket on next Friday for the concert in Paris on 16th October, one day after my birthday ! =D

Just one thing before going to bed, I have Portuguese scans, I don't know if poodle_foam can read Portuguese as it looks like Spanish, just in case, I post them :D

Portuguese Bravo scans
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