May 7th, 2007

Twins - Sur le pont d'Avignon


LOL ! OK! I played at 6 different contest to win a ticket for the Trabendo concert in Paris and... I lost ! xD How to be more unlucky than me ? ;_; I'm quite frustrated... I don't like grambling, so I will not bother you with it ! lol

But the private concert will be broadcasted on TV in June, it's sure there will be someone who will record it on TV, I'm sure the Official French fansite will record it and share, so you could see it too. For those who have the cable TV or Satellite TV, and if you can have some foreign channels, you can see the concert on Europe 2 TV and MCM ! :D if not you must wait until someone put online, alwyas better  than nothing ;D

Next TH single is Heilig ! \(^0^)/ one of my fave song of Zimmer 483 <3 I would like Totgeliebt too and Reden. Espacially Reden, I would like to know how woud be the music video of Reden... in a room, with the lights of the minibar... I think we will see Tom more than Bill this time! xD

I just heard the English version of Don't Jump/Spring Nicht and Love is Dead/Totgeliebt ! Mein Gott, it's kind of terrible for me ! lol espacially Don't jump, luckily I didn't hear the chorus ! ^^;;; Sorry but I don't really like English version, but it's my own opinion, I hope you guys will like it :D