May 6th, 2007

Bill puppy eyes

Tom's girlfriend !!! oh ooohhh!!

Sashiburi da ne ! :D
Long time I didn't write in my LJ. I'm completly stressed because of the contests to win a ticket to see the private TH concert in Paris ! :/
It's their first concert only in accoustic, and it's a private concert with only 350 people ! >_< It's so rare and I would be so close to them ! But the TV channels and Radio bought all the places to make win on their websites by contest and on radio ! I played at 4 contests, but I didn't win ! ;_; SCHEISSE !
I still wait the answer of the Rock one Mag contest ! I hope they will give the winners soon because the concert in on Wed 9 May ! Hayakuuuu! Schnell !!!! I can't wait to know if I have a very mini chance or if I completly lost ! lol Since yesterday, I spent all my time on the official French forum but I lost the 2 contests ! xD Mein Gott ! First was a speed test and second was a quizz, but I've got one wrong answer... Hope the chance will smile at me in the 2 next days ! :D

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I completly change topic but I'm really desappointed of the presidential election in France today!!! For those who are interested (I don't think you are a lot ! lol) it's Nicolas Sarkozy, the new President of France. I don't like this man and I won't vote for him but he won with 53% VS 47 % for Ségolène Royal.