May 2nd, 2007

Bill Where the rain won't hurt

TH goodies + Scans Yam - No tag

I'm happy tonight ! :D All my Tokio Hotel ordered items have been shipped ! (^0^)y

I've ordered a skirt and Zimmer483 bag on la boutique
The site is in French but I'm sure I saw an English version somewhere even I don't find it anymore now!
They ship worldwide, so you can order goodies on this site :D

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Maybe I will customize the skirt to have an Unique TH skirt ! lol

And my Spring Nicht CD and DVD have been shipped too ! They first sent me the CD and said there is no DVD anymore ! D: even if I pre-ordered 1 month ago ! lol but they finally send me the DVD today, so I have all I want ! :D

Scans of Yam ! Don't tag them please ! :D

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