April 27th, 2007

Ham-Ham Twins

[Scans] One Hors Série - No Tags

I didn't translate all the ITW cause we already know all they said, I think I don't need to repeat what we already know. They talk about how they sleep (same as here), Spring Nicht video clip (same as in Bravo ITW here), and drugs are uncool ! xD So I only translated a cute part about Mommy Gustav ! :3

One : Cohabitation is not always easy everyday. Do you quarrel for something?

Tom : Yes! all the time ! (laugh) Our main quarrel' subject is the bathroom. There is only one in the flat and it's always the war to know which one of us will go the first one. Generally, we all want to be the last one cause it means that the last one can sleep longer in the morning and can stay as long as he wants in the bathroom without hearing knock at the door... Personnaly, I love take long bath. When I'm the last one to go, no problem, but if I'm the first one, my bath is still running that I already hear Bill, Gustav and Georg who ask me when I finished. It's unbearable! So, everyday, we got a little competition to determine who will be the last one. I precise that Gustav never participate because it's always him who wake up in first around 7:00 AM. This guy is crazy !

Bill :
He's maybe crazy, but if he was not here, there are lots of meetings we would missed ! (laugh). Gustav is like the alarm bell of the band. When he sees we can't wake up and we stay in our beds when we have things to do, he comes and gently shakes us to be active. Generally, when we wake up, Gustav is already wake up since long time and he often already made the breackfast for everybody ! :3

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One : Tom, it seems you are the only one who really like talking about girls. It's something you don't have problem?

Tom : It's not that I'm the only one who like talking about girls, it's that I'm the only who CAN talk about that [Tom is really insistent on the verb CAN by looking Bill, Gustav and Georg with a mischievous smile]. It's not my fault if the others don't have sexual life ! (laugh)
Georg : Or, it's maybe because we are not as boastful as you... [Bill and Gustav burst out laughing and Tom can't deny he's gone far...]

One : What can we wish for you for the following months?

Bill : That nothing change and the dream continues.
Tom : I would say the same thing as Bill but I would add that it would be good to wish that Bill, Gustav and Georg meet more girls ! [Tom bursts out laughing]