April 23rd, 2007

Bill omg

Bill has porn videos on his computer !!!! Old hilarious Bravo ITW

I found the French translation on a forum, it was really amazing, I decided to translate to share with you. I don't know when the ITW has been made, I think it' was in 2005.

Ok, Ready ? here a little preview as I don't have scans...

Bravo : When did you drink alcohol for the last time?

Bill : During the "Boys Day". We celebrate this in Magdeburg during the Father's Day. Guys drink all together all the day. I was so drunk I couldn't walk anymore...
Georg : Ja, he spitted on everything and everybody laughed at him.
Bill : So what?!!! You, you became romantic and you tried to kiss me !!

Bravo : Do you hide magazines for adults under your beds?

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