April 22nd, 2007

Bill ehh?

17.04.07 TH - France 3 ITW

I translate this ITW of France 3 TV.
You can download the file, thanks to dear  ladyminya  for the ripping the ITW and for the links <333

Tokio Hotel - Exclusif Interview [Paris 17-04-2007].part1.rar
Tokio Hotel - Exclusif Interview [Paris 17-04-2007].part2.rar

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The question is cut but I guess they ask about what they think about French fans.

Tom : We always feel great, we have a great welcome in the hotel, or in airport, this morning we went to NRJ (Radio Station) it was the same, the welcome was really great.
Bill : It's always unexpected for me to go in France or think about France, it's a bit like vacation, free time, etc... When we pass near the Eiffel Tower, we think about relax, have fun and it's really very stange for us when this morning at NRJ, there were ~600 fans who waited us, it's really a strange feeling in an other country, in an other language, all these people who wait us.

You sing in German, everywhere you go, it's always the same euphoria, the same craze, can you explain to us?

Bill :
For us, it's completly unexpected because we sing in German and we didn't know how people will react abroad. Espacially for us, for our music, for the message who want give in our texts, it's important to understand what we said in our texts. And at the biginning, we couldn't imagine to become famous, we didn't know how people will react, we were very opened to this and we saw that people have interest to us, to our music and translate our lyrics and love what we do. For us, it's great and it's really interesting because we didn't have a concept or a strategy that we follow to become famous, we are always very surprised when people invest in this way.
Tom : I
t's very special for us because we are very bad in foreign languages.

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For the Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel, video still ripped by dear  ladyminya  you can find it here:
Tokio Hotel - Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel.avi

Do you like Paris?
Bill : Ja
Bill : It's a beautiful city which is fascinating, a mix entre green spaces and modern buildings, etc and it's which is fascinating the capital city of France...

She asks something about their parents but didn't translate what she asks! lol
Bill : Our parents are very proud of us, they really support us anytime, in all we do and it's really an incalculable value