April 21st, 2007

Georg & Bill

Change Layout, need help D:

I changed layout ..... again ! lol

I change cause of stupid LJ and his new stuff about embed things, I even don't know what it is with Youtube Video, I wanted a larger layout, I found one I like but when I did my test for the layout, I used my old Basic LJ account. The comment page is the normal comment page by default with the blue dividers and all. When I installed this layout on this LJ (which is Paid account) the comment page is customised like the entries page, I think paid and maybe Plus account see my comment page with customisation. But I don't like because when someone reply, the reply doesn't move at right, it's not clear, that's why I would like the comment page by default. I even try to remove the part of comments stuff in the code but it doesn't work :/

It's 3:10 AM here and I still awake but tired, I will try to search on LJ stuff after sleeping, but if someone knows how use the normal comment page by default even for paid/Plus account for any layouts? If someone knows, it will help me and I will really appreciate it :D
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