April 20th, 2007

Bill omg

17.04.07 TH - Live in France ITW + Awards + UEDW

A video about the French fans in Paris concert, I finally know now why the first people screamed on the queue, the first fans were filmed by German TV. I even didn't noticed they filmed us running to enter in the concert hall ! xD I ran too, maybe they filmed me by running ! lol
I didn't know they recieved a platinum disc, it's great for them !
In the video, Bill said they were very touched and happy that it was a good concert, that they can't get over it and that they like our little accent and that it boosts them more to come back in France ! :D

France loves TH ! Come back soon ! :D
I read in a French newspapers that they will come back on October 16th for the 2nd part of Zimmer 483 Tour ! My birthday is Oct. 15th, it's not official yet, but it would be a great present ! :3

They will come back in Paris on 21st June, 1st day of summer for the Music Festival ! \(^0^)/ and they will participate to the main event which will be broadcasted on TV, in a free concert in the open air !! Miyu is ready to go with her camera !!! (^_^)y