April 19th, 2007

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Tokio Hotel - 17.04.07 France 3 ITW video + Stuff

Tokio hotel was on French TV Tuesday night on France 3 TV, I missed the ITW as I was in the concert, but I watched it on the site of France3, you can watch it too by clicking the link under the pic. I can't translate as their video player really bothers when you stop to write what TH said and re-plays the video, the sound and image don't follow or must wait 5 minutes to the video restarts again -_-;
I wait if someone puts on youtube or daily motion.
But the interview lasts 20 minutes, it's long, nothing new, the questions are usual, "why do you call Tokio Hotel?", "how do you manage your fans?", "what music do you listen?", "what subject do you talk in your songs?" and other stuff like that we already know :D
Gustav and Georg talk a little. Nothing new but I'm still happy to watch them ! xD

In the Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel (Some minutes of intimity with TH) video, we see them drink and Bill likes Paris ! lol Then sign autographs on a poster and Zimmer 483 pamphlet :D

You can see a part of Reden of the concert in Paris.

My mom saw the ITW on TV and when I came back from the concert she said me TH were on TV and said : "WOW ! The singer with his lion hairstyle is really handsome !!!" xDDD YAY MOM! v(^0^)v

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 Interview des Tokio Hotel ( le 17/04/2007)
 Minutes d'intimité avec les Tokio Hotel ( le 17/04/2007)
 Extrait du concert au Zénith de Paris ( le 16/04/2007)
 Le phénomène Tokio Hotel (JT 12/13 le 11/04/2007)

Go on this page and clic on the links who looks like the links above to see the videos
> http://paris-ile-de-france-centre.france3.fr/info/30079346-fr.php

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