April 18th, 2007

Georg & Bill


SCHREIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII !!!!!!! My God I'm still so excited even if the concert is finished ! lol I arrived to the concert hall at 10:30 AM, there were already 500 people in front of me ! -_-;;; so I waited more than 7 hours oustide before enter in the concert hall, I said to myself I will not have good place in front of the stage, I thought to take the first sit, but I was really lucky, I was in front of the stage at 4 meters from Tom and Bill. Tom was in front of me, it's him I saw the most ! lol I hope TH have taken a good time with French fans, the atmosphere was really great !
They did all the setlist + Ich bin nicht ich which is not in it! I was so happy as it's one of my fave songs in Schrei album ! \(*^_^*)/
I have pics ! but they are all blur cause of the zoom I think, I'm really sorry to have not real good pics but it was really difficult to take pics as everybody pushed you and all. I have more Tom's pics as he was in front of me! lol I didn't see Gustav a lot as the drums are behind and a bit far, just when they played Rette mich and Ich bin da, I really saw Gustav, I have pics for Lirren :D
And French fans screamed Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! Gustav! x150 times just for him, he really appreciated it, he threw lots of bottles and water and his sticks ^^
They are all really handsome like magazine pics, I saw Bill's star during Wo sind eure Hände !!!!!!! xDDDD
Just only one bad thing, we didn't hear Bill's voice very well maybe cause all fans screams, but I don't mind, I have the album to listen, the most important I saw them really close, I'm happy :D

Oh and an other one bad thing, Georg and Gustav didn't take off their T-shirts!!!!!!! lol xD

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One of the best concert in my life !

LOVE TH ! <3

ETA : I got a problem with html in my first post about that, I deleted it to repost, so if you have posted a comment, please repost it ! thanks ^^;;;

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