April 16th, 2007

Georg & Bill

D-1 before TH concert in Paris

Ok, I begin to be really exciting for tomarrow ! I waited so long time but I will finally see TH tomarrow for the concert in Paris. TH should come in Paris today but finally they will come tomarrow directly to the concert hall. There is a rumor that there are already around 50 fans who are in front of the Zénith (German, Italian and Spanish fans) who wait for tomarrow ! O_o If it's true I think it's stupid ! lol Luckily the weather is really sunny and hot for April. Ok, so if it's true, tomarrow I must come early to not have a place far behind, I want a good place !!!! o(>_<)o

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On the pic above, it's an aerial pic of the Zénith, the entrance is towards the garden at left, and the trucks and TH bus will park behind the building. The pic at right is inside the concert hall, they will remove the sits in the middle for concerts, I hope I could go in the middle, dunno as it's full, all tickets have been sold in less than a month.

I'm anxious, excited, stressed, bouncy, all these feelings mixed in same time, I can't imagine how I will be tomarrow. I musn't forget my camera, I hope I could take good pics, I will share with you and hope the Zénith staff will not take my camera at the entrance because they frisk you before enter, it was like that 5 years ago. Maybe as there will be only girls and lots of very young fans like 12~13 years old who come with their mamas, staff would let us with camera without being strict.

It will be my first time seeing TH for real as I never went to TV shows or waited them to their hotel, I don't want die cause of stupid groupies! lol


I read on the official French forum, there is a bus full of German fans in front of the concert hall! Mein Gott !!! O.O and they will sleep in the car and all. Lots of French fans on the forum are really surprised and a bit irrited because the concert is full since January and lots of them don't have tickets whereas German concerts are not full and several dates. I have nothing against German, but I understand French fans. I can't deny German fans afraid me sometimes! xD