April 7th, 2007

Georg & Bill

Tokio Hotel - Fan de 07.04.07

Fan de is a French TV show, it just finished 2 hours ago ! I give you the link to Download and the translation of all the report.

Sendspace Link : Download Tokio Hotel - Fan de 07.04.07 - click here


Off : We are in 2007 and we live a troubled times, the youth screams her distress, the girls makes up but don't know why anymore and the boy makes up and the girls don't know why... Nevertheless, since some months, the young boys from Tokio Hotel scream their distress, make up, even if the girls don't know why and it works rather well !

Tom : We didn't really like pop music and we are delighted that young people have interest in what we do, in our music.
Bill : And it's a good thing that young people interest in rock n' roll, in the real good music with real guitars.

Off : Tokio hotel, 4 young Germans, 16~20 years old, make a real good music with real good guitars, have a scum of society looks and sing in a language not really famous here, ne ...
And yes, to sell single, it was not won but since their debut, Tokio Hotel works very very well, double person at groupies, fans who throw their panties on stage, they have all about a real rock n' roll band except sex and drugs of course...

Bill :
the 4 of us, we make rock n' roll since forever.
Tom : Yes, but we didn't allowed to scorn the other musics, we didn't closed by saying "Make rock n' roll, it's cool ! ". We just started to write and play together and we naturally took this direction.

Off : And hardly 8 months after their first album, Tokio Hotel comes back with a second album, so no revolution for this time, always a real good music with real good guitars, in 2 weeks the album was Number 1 everywhere in Europe and also in France. We are a bit far from the usually best sellers, bah yes it's true, they are not blond, don't wash cars wearing bikini, so what is their secret,? The youth would try to give a message...?

Tom :
We hope ! We didn't really like pop music, so we really hope our fans are different and have their own differences with our music.

Off : But there is language's barrier, German being only a little speaking outside Germany, the boys decided to adapt and they have recorded their songs in English.

Bill : We are pleased to sing and write in our maternal language, we enjoy it, even so we have recorded songs in English for most of people can understand our texts.

Off :
Yes, here the real value of Tokio Hotel, they have real message to give at young people from now. Obviously, with these so much explicit recriminations, it's not impressive that they make unanimity.
Georg & Bill

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I changed the layout again !  I can't stay a long time with the same layout because I quickly bored of the same thing. I hope you guys, will like it ! Bill has the honnor to be alone in the head banner because it's one of my fave Bill's pic, but I will change next time ;D
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