April 6th, 2007


To live with TH version 2 ! lol

Bravo : How would you describe the other members of the band?
Tom (laughs): Then, Georg is introvert and someone we can't trust! The afternoon, he's really motivated and makes full of plans for the following day. The next morning, he doesn't do anything of what he told (smiles)
Gustav: Tom is rather impatient. When he doesn't manage to do something, he quickly finishes the whole thing and puts this aside!
Georg: Bill is… hum...
Tom: HATEFUL! (laughs at him loudly)
Bill: Beuuh!
Georg: Nah, it's just a joke! Bill is a very spontaneous guy and who likes to live! But before 4h00 PM, he's rather really lazy!
We are all lazy! Before 12h00 PM, we don't really see each other! I'm always alone because I wake up early! Then I look at the window or read my emails at least four times! (laughs) (Poor Gusti! lol)
Bill: Gustav is an early riser! I think that he is a typical “breaker”. He is very direct and very fair. He has much energy! But also he's very calm. A good blend!

Bravo : In humans' nature, there are always good and bad sides. Which are the good one?
If the atmosphere is bad, Gustav transforms it with his motivation. I really like that!
Gustav: Tom is always the first to apologize when the tone is going too high between us. He knows when that becomes too long. I find that cool.
Georg: What I think it's cool in Bill, it's that he's very direct. But sometimes, he's a little too direct! (smiles). We can speak about everything with him. He would not function if he was alone. Moreover, we have much fun with him!
Tom: Georg doesn't have good side! (laughs loudly). Nah, well, sometimes he's veeeery nice and always ready to help (smiles)

Bravo : Okay, and now, bad sides!
When Tom is delighted or when he's excited, it's impossible to prevent him from shouting! That disturbs me.
Bill: Gustav is often idiot. When we have fun a little, he stops very quickly.
Georg: Before, when Bill didn't have an instrument to carry, he always said “I am the singer, I carry the microphone”. But if we really ask for his help, he helps us! But he doesn't come if we don't ask. (xDDD Lazy Bill)
Tom: Georg is straightforwardly untidy! In his hotel room, we would believe we are in a henhouse!