April 5th, 2007


To live with TH ! Poor Gusti ! xD

Bravo : How do you spend your days in studio?
Gustav: All is right when these gentlemen finally wake up! It can only be from 4.00PM ! (¬_¬)'
Bill: We like to sleep! (laughs)

Bravo : OK. So, do you often dispute for this?
Nah, it is more for which one will take his shower.
Gustav: I hate that! When I leave the hot shower and that the bathroom is cold, only because somebody thought it's funny to let the door opened! The evening I always open the heating, but when my colleagues will take their shower, they simply let the door opened…

Bravo : What do you eat? Do you cook for each other?
Yes! Gustav cooked lasagnes* for us! (Mummy Gustav ! x3)
Gustav: We cook also together. For example, pasta. (xD)
Bill: Then, one makes the pasta (Gustav?), an other one makes the sauce (Bill?), and the others set the table (Tom and Georg?). It is funny…

*I don't know if there is a English word for "lasagnes", it's an Italian dish.
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Bravo : What do you know cooking?
So, I can cook Spaghetti, rice pudding, semolina…
Tom: However, with a good recipes' book each one can cook. We know the ingredients, of how many we need, we put whole together, and it's ready! (laughs)

Bravo : Do you have good manners at table?
Some are shocked a little by us. For example, we often burp…
Gustav: In our studio, it's also the mess. We can find potatoes chips and a bit everywhere spilled Coke! (But Mummy Gustav will all clean up, where is Gusti's apron? Somebody has seen it?)